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Rio Tinto

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Career Prospects at Rio Tinto

8.2 rating for Career Prospects, based on 19 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
It seems very easy to move up the ladder within the company as long as you are not a bad employee. Lots of opportunities to move around globally.
Graduate - 01 Jan 1970
Have not been in the company long enough to be promoted but prospects are looking good.
Graduate, Nhulunbuy - 09 Dec 2021
Moving out of the grad program is dependent on you as a person, be proactive and network as much as possible.
Graduate - 09 Dec 2021
Not sure at this stage. Currently on a 2 year graduate program which see rotation to different departments to understand the business.
Graduate, Gladstone Central - 01 Jan 1970
I cannot comment too much but i have seen others move up very quickly and some others in a spot for a while
Graduate, Northern Territory - 01 Jan 1970
Have been filling in a role for several months, being responsible for a site but there seems to be no possibility to get promoted to it anytime soon.
Graduate, Weipa - 01 Jan 1970
In niche technical roles, promotions are very difficult if not non-existent as there are a lot of people that get, say, a specialist role, and sit in it for the rest of their life. This is very obvious from what colleagues have said. Operations roles are much more plausible career progression wise.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
I have a goal that I've discussed with my manager. They are aware and I am confident I will be able to achieve that goal.
Graduate, Brisbane - 01 Jan 1970
showing initiative, developing new/better methods and good leadership
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier - 01 Jan 1970
Rio is a very broad company with many opportunities to move around, whether it be horizontally or vertically
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970