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Rio Tinto

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Culture at Rio Tinto

7.7 rating for Culture, based on 19 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Pretty much everyone I work with on a day-to-day basis is friendly and willing to help out. Safety is the number 1 priority which is great but sometimes they go overboard on certain things. Upper management seem very ingenuine
Graduate - 01 Jan 1970
people are social but can still be very sexist
Graduate, Perth - 09 Dec 2021
My site has a very strong community and family-like culture due to the remoteness. Your colleagues are your friends both inside and outside of work. leaders are generally supportive and have your best interest at heart.
Graduate, Nhulunbuy - 09 Dec 2021
Ultimately depends on the team/operation/location. At this particularly site, the culture is very supportive. I've enjoyed working here because the people are cooperative and lovely.
Graduate - 09 Dec 2021
Good culture, everyone is willing to help you when required. After hours, there are alot of activities lined up outside of work (social sports) and good lifestyle package offered here. Can be a little silo-ed operation with some of the teams with the COVID measures in placed. Do not really interact with some of the teams making it hard to perform task.
Graduate, Gladstone Central - 01 Jan 1970
very top heavy. Teams are usually friendly
Graduate, Weipa - 01 Jan 1970
After hours is very friendly and everyone is happy to lend a helping hand. The support from non-direct leaders is amazing when you ask as a grad and where i get the most help from. Some people who you get warned about will do anything to pull the rug out from underneath you to look good to their boss rather than actually raise a safety concern but this is in rare instances. The culture is really everyone is happy to get along and make a few jokes while getting work done.
Graduate, Northern Territory - 01 Jan 1970
The site based team gets along pretty well. We have a good relationship and go out sometimes outside office hours which is always fun.
Graduate, Weipa - 01 Jan 1970
Culture is greatly team dependent. Structure is hierarchical with Seniors often taking a step back immediately, or alternatively hoarding the 'good' work. Socialising is often great at the operations, less so at the office. Out of office is good once finding people with similarities.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
There is a structure and a hierarchy, but the overall it is a healthy and welcoming environment. Rio Tinto Australia CEO is a female and she is approachable and friendly and present in the office.
Graduate, Brisbane - 01 Jan 1970
Most of the geologists working on site are young and there is a good social life both on site and also on break. The managers I have had really care about how you are going and are very supportive.
Graduate, Pilbara - 01 Jan 1970
Culture is good. Lots of people across various management levels have been involved with my development. Even people outside my business unit have provided development advice.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
generally friendly and approachable staff. Hierarchy is very structured across business with a key emphasis on teamwork.
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier - 01 Jan 1970
There is a very supportive atmosphere in the office, with people more than willing to share knowledge. After hours at camp, it is quite casual and there are plenty of social sport options and the wet mess. The company is quite structure and hierarchical.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Quite welcoming environment, definitely a clear power structure that people overly focus on, many teams in different departments work cooperatively towards similar goals
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Office culture changing with more younger talent being introduced, making it more inclusive and charged up.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970