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Job Satisfaction at Rio Tinto

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Electrical protection verification/design. Cable sizing. Fault finding.
maintenance engineering FIFO
Graduate, Perth
Valuing and tracking projects and initiatives. Facilitating meetings and change management through data analysis. Supporting business improvement ideas from initial idea through to implementation.
Graduate, Nhulunbuy
I've reached a point in my grad program where responsibilities have gotten monotonous.
Process plans and change of parameters for Equipment in area assigned Short term projects (looking at managing equipment) Medium term projects (Changing/Optimisation of process)
Graduate, Gladstone Central
Asset reporting, project execution
Graduate, Weipa
Receiving engineering requests, completing concepts and presenting to stakeholders, getting approvals to complete work, inspecting and scoping out works.
Graduate, Northern Territory
reporting, operational support, troubleshooting, project work, site improvements and safety
Graduate, Perth
Very repetitive tasks. Spend long hours driving to areas where no one works alone which gets very lonely at times.
Graduate, Weipa
Wake up at 5am, attend prestart at 5:45am, drive to the RC rig, log rock chips outside in 40 degrees until 5:30pm, finish work at about 6:15. Rinse and repeat. As a Geologist, if you can get out of this role the work is very satisfying, otherwise not great for strong technical people.
Graduate, Perth
Manage internal communications for the departments we support. Write content for internal media platforms. Arrange and coordinate filming employees delivering key messages.
Graduate, Brisbane
It changes significantly between graduate rotations but I generally spend most of the day in the field working on rigs. It can be difficult to get office time for development opportunities.
Graduate, Pilbara
Involves assisting with the delivery of approved projects for execution. Lots of interactions with stakeholders to ensure deliverables are completed, and that it is being completed in the best possible way.
Graduate, Perth
this can be variable, anything from project work through to sampling routine daily analysis.
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier
I am at a mine site where I have the same role as an engineer. I have spent plenty of time by myself, which is an excellent learning opportunity where I feel supported by my seniors. I have also had a lot of opportunities for development and formal training.
Graduate, Perth
Building safety reports and dashboards for the Autonomous Haul System. Meeting with mine stakeholders and system engineers
Graduate, Perth
Working with maintainers on maintenance improvement projects to increase availability of assets.
Graduate, Perth
I really enjoy the strategy and planning side of my role and then implementing and doing the hands on work while on-site gives me full circle exposure to our work.

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