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Rio Tinto

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Management at Rio Tinto

7.7 rating for Management, based on 20 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Most managers seem very ingenuine and untrustworthy.
Graduate - 01 Jan 1970
Yes my manager is a good manager and easily accessible.
Graduate, Nhulunbuy - 09 Dec 2021
Wholly dependent on who your manager is, it varies from person to person.
Graduate - 09 Dec 2021
Above average satisfaction. They are good at doing their job but they are always busy and will be hard to book in a time with them.
Graduate, Gladstone Central - 01 Jan 1970
their communication, recognition and feedback is all really good. i have been able to communicate with my direct manager a lot and get a lot of help from them in projects and processes. The performance feedback is the only complaint that i have not really achieved and is quite difficult to get a grasp of where i am at in my early career.
Graduate, Northern Territory - 01 Jan 1970
Getting a hold of my leader is easy, the only problem is that he doesn't act on requests most times. Or he will straight up say he doesn't know how to help and never tries to help resolve issue which has resulted in not asking him for most things and go seek help from other departments instead.
Graduate, Weipa - 01 Jan 1970
Very rarely interact with managers. Supervisors are usually great, recognition is variable across departments.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Pretty satisfied.
Graduate, Brisbane - 01 Jan 1970
Most of my managers have been really great, very supportive.
Graduate, Pilbara - 01 Jan 1970
manager is great and teammates are very caring and helpful! love them
Graduate, perth - 01 Jan 1970
My managers have been very good mentors that have provided guidance regarding my development. Lots of opportunities to get to know them to build a strong working relationship with them.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
approachable for the most part. sometimes can be difficult to set aside time due to rostering challenges associated with resources style worktime.
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier - 01 Jan 1970
Direct managers are very helpful and will positively impact your growth The executive committee can feel very far-fetched from the rest of the company
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
My senior is extremely busy but still finds time to meet with me regularly to provide guidance on my tasks and feedback. My 2 and even 3 up managers still talk to me daily to catch up and ask how I'm doing, and are good at providing guidance as to what our purpose is, what we're trying to achieve in our team.
Graduate - 01 Jan 1970