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Rio Tinto

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Sustainability at Rio Tinto

7.7 rating for Sustainability, based on 18 reviews
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Rehabilitation is stressed quite highly and runs concurrently with the mining operations.
Decarbonisation projects are the main priority to ensure the company meet its goals in 2030.
Graduate, Gladstone Central
I wish i could rate this higher, my specific site is doing a huge project to reduce this footprint but i still dont think it is enough to really push it into that high importance stage.
Graduate, Northern Territory
I honestly haven't really seen much effort being put into reducing the environmental footprint here on site. I must admit maybe I haven't been to the right places. However, one of our team member has a container in the office which we all use to put plastic and cans for recycling.
Graduate, Weipa
Increasing importance.
Graduate, Perth
In terms of everyday office things, its quite standard. Just having a recycling bin in common spaces, and providing reusable containers.
Graduate, Perth
zero carbon pledges for 2050 and industry leading processing technology that has already proven net zero potential. In many respects mining/RioTino is leading the way in achieving net zero targets more then other industries.
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier
RTIO's green steel initiative
Graduate, Perth
sustainability is a big focus.

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