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Working Hours at Rio Tinto

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible with my hours. If I need to do something non-work related during work hours they are fine with it as long as I make up the lost hours another time. Works same way in reverse if I work overtime.
not at all. 12 hour days
Graduate, Perth
My leader is very flexible with what hours I work. I usually work 7AM-3:30PM.
Graduate, Nhulunbuy
I work a 5-2 roster and do 8 hours when required. I'm on-site so WFH is not really an option but it can be if necessary.
9 day fortnight (every second friday off) approximately 90 hours per fortnight. Ability to work anywhere as long as you get the work done.
Graduate, Gladstone Central
depend on how good boss is. 7-4
Graduate, Weipa
Where i work the time is incredibly flexible. you can duck out to appointments and do things you have to do quite easily cause everyone understands. If you do leave work early and have a valid reason, you are always welcome to make that time back with overtime, as long as you hit your minimum hours. there are multiple flexible work arrangements you can arrange with your boss also.
Graduate, Northern Territory
12hrs a day 8:6 roster. pretty normal for fifo
Graduate, Perth
the working hours are quite flexible. If you work extra hours on a particular day you can claims those hours on a later day which is good.
Graduate, Weipa
Hours aren't the issue, working 12+ hrs outside but being paid less than a contractor doing the same role is an issue.
Graduate, Perth
Flexible, with the option to work from home.
Graduate, Brisbane
Not particularly flexible when working on site
Graduate, Pilbara
very flexible. normally 9-5
Graduate, perth
Contract is to work 40 hours per week, so 8 hours per day. However you can work a few hours short in one day, and make it up over the following days.
Graduate, Perth
resources roster involves working 12 hours days. I typically work 7 days on and 7 days off.
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier
I have never felt pressured to work above my contracted hours, however with FIFO they are 12 hour days.
Graduate, Perth
Overall expected 40 hours of work a week Available to WFH, office culture is to be in person for meetings however Can come in early if you want to leave early
Graduate, Perth
Depending on your team, hours can be flexible.
Graduate, Perth
12 hour days while on site can be an adjustment to normal work hours, but there is help available to set up good habits to ensure you still get good sleep. Working from home has been a big part of our work during covid times and it works well.

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