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Rio Tinto

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Office & Workplace at Rio Tinto

8.1 rating for Workplace, based on 19 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Office spaces on site are pretty old and not visually pleasing
Graduate - 01 Jan 1970
I wear PPE. The office spaces are adequate.
Graduate, Nhulunbuy - 09 Dec 2021
It's an office in a mine operation, not much to say, facilities and office space are good. Dress code for on-site is PPE.
Graduate - 09 Dec 2021
Heard that the main office in Brisbane is nice but never been so do not have any comments regarding that.
Graduate, Gladstone Central - 01 Jan 1970
Uniforms for both site and office based roles
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Office is very small for the team, has no mobile reception at times which can be very frustrating.
Graduate, Weipa - 01 Jan 1970
Office is fine, comfortable and inviting.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Food on site is a bit hit or miss
Graduate, Pilbara - 01 Jan 1970
Office space in my building is quite good, there is a dedicated spot. However I heard in the main building there can be at times a lack of space, although it has a nice view and the lobby smells nice. Dress code is quite relaxed, though the requirement is to wear some form of long pants and at least a collared shirt.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Largely dependant based on location and role. Central office is based in major cities such as Perth, they are very modern and have all the facilities needed - this is often neat business. On mine sites the dress code is bright PPE and work boots, most sites have crib rooms, kitchens and most common amities.
Graduate, Port Hedland and Dampier - 01 Jan 1970
Both Central Park and the Operations Centre are very modern and outfitted offices with agile seating. The dress code is polos or button ups with pants
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
Site based, so offices are stock standard. Full PPE at work.
Graduate, Perth - 01 Jan 1970
The offices are very collaboratively orientated and open space, with great kitchen facilities and change rooms.
Graduate - 01 Jan 1970