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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith studied ​a ​Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) ​at the Queensland University of Technology in 2017 and is now a Graduate Developer at TechnologyOne.

6.58 AM

My body clock has conditioned itself to always wake me up just before I need to on workdays. The feeling is fantastic until two minutes later when my alarm starts blaring and I instinctively tell it there’s not a chance I’m getting up yet. I eventually make it out of bed after snoozing it three times and realise there’s no way I’m getting back to sleep now. I pack some lunch and my clothes for work and get ready to head off.

8.00 AM

I jump on my bike and ride into work. I’m still fairly new to the whole cycling to work thing so by the time I’m done my legs are on fire and I’m covered in sweat. Thankfully, the bike centre at work has showers (and provides towels!) so I cool off and get ready to head on up to my desk.

Joshua with his bike

8.30 AM

I sit down at my desk and turn on my computer. I skim some emails, check Slack for messages and quickly look at our build server to see if any issues occurred last night. I’m still pretty tired after my cycle and I’m gonna need a coffee to really start the day. I clean my keep cup (of course I forgot to wash it yesterday) and head down with my teammates to the cafe downstairs. The guys at the cafe do a mean breakfast roti wrap too, so I decide to grab one and eat it back up at my desk.

8.45 AM

Back at my desk, I login to my Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and connect to a remote dev environment, ready to start the day. Today I’m looking into using a new AWS service for the back end of one of the API’s my team maintains. I sketch up a rough architectural overview of what the current system looks like and compare that with a sketch of the new system. I start going through the pros and cons of each design in my head, noting them down. So far, so good - now to actually try and build something! I create a new branch to work on, deploy a new stack and start to get the basic components of the system functioning.

Joshua at his desk

10.30 AM

Today there’s an R&D Engineering forum going on. The forums happen fortnightly, and are a great chance to learn about projects that have been going on in different R&D teams or new internal tools that have been developed. This week the presentation is on Insights, our platform for tracking performance of our software and infrastructure, as it’s being used by our SaaS customers. It’s a really fascinating presentation, and I make a mental note to read up on it on our wiki later. For now though, back to work!

12.00 PM

Lunch time! I head down to the Village Green and meet up with some of the other grads for a game of pool. There’s always competition at lunch and during Friday night drinks, and thankfully my skills have improved from when I started here. We joke about implementing a ranking system to figure out who is the best pool player at TechOne - maybe an idea for next Hack Day?

Joshua playing billards

1.00 PM

I get back to working on my project for the day, but run into a roadblock. I’m having an issue with encrypting data, so I quickly research the possible fixes and the pros and cons of each. I’m not too sure what option is best, so I turn to one of my teammates and ask for his advice. My other teammates also listen in, and what was initially a small question turns into a full team discussion about our encryption processes as a whole and what we could be doing better. These kind of discussions happen often, and even though I’m the new grad on the team I always get a lot out of them. My question mostly answered, I make it through the roadblock and keep powering along.

Joshua having a meeting

3.30 PM

I’ve got most of the things I aimed to get done today working with my project, so I decide to catch up on some study. My team works heavily with the AWS platform, so I’m currently studying to get my developer certification. I need a pick me up to get me through the afternoon so I head out to the kitchen and grab a second coffee. Coffee in hand, I load up some training videos and start going over my study notes.

4.00 PM

I have a meeting with some of the new interns about a project they’re working on. They’re using Elasticsearch, a search engine I’ve worked with before, so I’m here to pass on some of my knowledge and give them ideas on possible topics to research. The meeting goes well, and I go with them to the Hackspace so they can show me some of their work so far. It’s looking pretty cool, and I’m really interested to see where they take the project. I head back to my desk and try and get a little bit more work done before the end of the day.

Joshua with intern

5.30 PM

Done for the day! Time to go bouldering (indoor rock climbing). It’s a great way to unwind after the day and it’s even better when the gym is only five minutes away from work. I’ll stay here until my arms get sore or I start to get hungry, whichever happens first (usually hunger).

8.00 PM

Finally home! I open the fridge and heat up some leftovers. Looks like it’s butter chicken for the third time this week. I’m wiped after the day so I put some Netflix on the TV and chill out.

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