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Ricardo Santos

7.45 AM

It's commute time. I usually take the train to the city and walk from Town Hall to Pyrmont, through Darling Harbour, while listening to some wake-up music or podcasts, depending on the mood.

8.30 AM

Everyone is usually at the office at this time. We take this first part of the day to enjoy our morning coffees and chat about whatever is going on during that week. From our ideas for blog posts to our latest attempts at cracking some new recipe at home, there's room for everything.

The Data School Ricardo Santos having morning coffee

It's also time to check e-mails and get things in order to get the day going.

The Data School Ricardo Santos checking emails

9.00 AM

The fun begins! If we happen to be working on a client project, this is the time to welcome them to our office for a briefing on the main objectives to achieve during that week.

Is that's not the case, we usually kick the day off with a training session led by either our head coach Craig or one of the many other experienced consultants from MIP.

12.30 PM

Lunch break. We alternate between having a home-cooked lunch at our office and going out to one of the many restaurants on Pyrmont's riverfront.

1.30 PM

In client project weeks, we like to take the time after lunch to do a brainstorming session, where we gather ideas from everyone on how to tackle a particular subject that we may be facing. It's a great learning environment, and since we all come from different backgrounds, there's always a lot of knowledge flowing in every direction.

This session eventually turns into a standup meeting led by whoever is the project team lead during the other days of the week. We'll each have a go at being the task of leading the team during a client project, which is a great of way of enhancing our management skills.

The Data School Ricardo Santos team meeting

4.00 PM

It's time to review what we've learned during the day's training, and put our newly acquired skills to the test with some hands-on exercises on our favourite tools, Tableau and Alteryx.

In client project weeks, we'll take the last hour of the day to get up to date with everyone's progress during the day.

On Fridays, regardless of what happened during the week, we'll have a presentation. It could be our final presentation to the client and other stakeholders, or we could be presenting the results of a challenge we're given sometime during the morning. Anyway, it's another excellent way of developing the communication skills that we'll need in our consulting jobs.

The Data School Ricardo Santos training session

5.00 PM

Time to wrap-up the day. We're developing some projects alongside our Data School colleagues over at the UK. By the time we're finishing our day in Sydney, it's morning in London, so we take that time to get up to speed with each other.

After that, we like to wind down at our amazing offices at Pyrmont, and make the most of the free beer and cider taps while we have a go at a Jenga match.