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What It Does: It helps multinational clients access global leading financial centres.

Mission: UBS’s mission is to create a dynamic investment ecosystem that thrives on thoughtful leadership and where innovative ideas bring opportunities to life.

Size and Presence: Around 34,000 in the United States in 283 locations more than any other rival. 

Best Known For : UBS is a prime world-leading financial institution that provides a wide plethora of financial services extending from banking to wealth and asset management with a strong global footprint and major coverage in the United States.

The good bits: UBS has a firm global footprint and is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States that provides a great work/life balance and top-tier research products outside the US.

The not-so-good bits: Highly competitive work atmosphere that upholds consistent growth in performance and results.

The UBS Story

Standing the test of true long-term commitment and founded in 1862, UBS has grown into a global financial stronghold thanks to its willingness to adapt its approach to banking and investments.

UBS was founded at the same time as the Swiss Banking Industry which also contributes to its expansion.

With a vision to develop a dynamic investment ecosystem that thrives on thoughtful leadership and where innovative ideas bring opportunities to life, UBS maintains an intercontinental investment bank and is considered a major force in the stock market.

UBS harnesses the power of innovative thinking and a willingness to infuse top-of-the-line technology into all they do. They do this to great effect too with a market cap of $61 billion making it the third biggest European bank in 2021.

UBS employs around 34,000 people in the United States and has a presence in about 50 countries.

It continues to attract a loyal clientele building on the strength of its capital, security, and its prestigious discretion.

Culture and Vibes

UBS’s motto, connecting people for a better world inspires their culture of inclusion, innovation, and diversity. For more than 16 decades, they ensure that everyone works as one and that everyone works with accountability and integrity.

Proudly wearing a proud history of long-term commitment on their sleeve, they place priority on consistent improvement where perfection is not expected from everyone but they must be willing to learn and integrate feedback into how they operate,

The vibe at UBS is inclusive and diversely interesting offering graduates a rare perspective of the world and financing.

A position at UBS promises access to top-of-the-line technologies complemented by a culturally diverse team and interaction with the best professionals giving graduates a satisfying feel of a global-leading institution.

Recruitment Process

Billed as the third-largest bank in Europe, UBS has no problem attracting the biggest talents in financing. UBS looks to maintain its agile, innovative, and skilled workforce with its recruitment processes hence the scrutiny in all processes.

There are four application stages in UBS’s recruitment process. The first stage is the online application stage where graduates and interns submit application forms tailored to the core values of the organization.

After a successful application, applicants are required to partake in online assessments layered around UBS’s seven core competencies and values. Another aspect of online assessment is numerical testing where the applicant’s knowledge of tables and data is tested.

Applicants who are successful with the online assessments can then progress to the video interviewing stage. This stage allows applicants to express themselves and shed light on what makes them a perfect fit for the role.

The final recruitment stage is the personal interview stage where applicants get asked more role-specific questions. At this stage, candidates are given a firsthand view of how best the roles suit them.

Successful graduate or intern hopefuls are contacted with job offers in a world-class financial institution where their voices are heard and they enjoy the support of a diverse team.

Career Prospects

UBS claims to offer an abundance of career-inspiring tools that let employees carve out their career paths and walk in them. They aim to assist employees in walking through their chosen career providing the flexibility and confidence to navigate the space of professionalism.

They provide over a million learning activities including a tailored university to give employees a diverse and coordinated learning experience. The UBS mobile app and digital skills curriculum help employees come up to date with skills relevant to their chosen careers.

No matter what business aspect interns choose, UBS promises them a tailored professional evolution. Interns are introduced to a welcoming junior talent to help them through their professional journey and help them navigate the intricacies of their roles. 

They offer applicants a Graduate Talent Program and GTP Discovery to introduce interns to all aspects of UBS. After the GTP session, interns are enrolled into a Ready 4 Work training to bring them up to industry standards in their approach to offering solutions.

Leadership development offerings also help them train up team leaders or employees in the upper echelon towards becoming the epitome of all the institution represents.


UBS offers an average salary range of $83,000 which is huge compared to other banks. Interns at the organization get a base average salary of $30,515. 


  • Health insurance
  • Supplemental life insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible spending account
  • Diverse and accommodative work culture
  • Mental health care
  • Work/life balance
  • Comprehensive employee assistance programs

Social Contributions

UBS champions the course for driving global change via philanthropy in response to difficult social and naturally impacting problems. With their philanthropy service, they look to deliver the best advice, intuitive experience and practical executions to deliver an asset on how to solve problems personally.

They also provide special grants for providing quality education and improving qualifications and certifications for impaired individuals.


In 2007, UBS was involved in its first tax evasion controversy due to a breach in its code of secrecy. They were required to pay fines in the hundreds of millions and have since then tightened their grip on their secrecy code of conduct.

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