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Given the recent COVID outbreaks, we have moved to WFH full-time.

Below is my typical WFH day as a grad in the Syndicate team.

This is where I used to sit (behind those glass doors on the left).


This is my WFH set up.


7.00 AM

Quick walk and coffee to start off the day.


7.30 AM

The workday begins - The morning is filled with team meetings to catch up on market changes overnight. We also check in on investors and chat about trade ideas.

With the live deals, I can join meetings with the issuer and other banks in the Syndicate (which run throughout the day).

9.00 AM

In my current rotation, I help send out a daily email to clients about upcoming deals, relevant economic data, and market news.  

I also check on the live deal order books, to see which tickets have come in for the trade. Throughout the day, updates are sent out to investors about the progress of the deal and the orderbook.

10.30 AM

Quick call with my manager - In Mid-morning, I have a quick catch-up call with my rotation manager to debrief on the morning’s meetings. This helps me understand how different events impact the market and our current/future deals.  

12.00 PM


1.00 PM

Grad Catch up - Now we are back to working from home, it’s always great to catch up with my grad manager (over Teams).


2.00 PM

Excel time! - Time to update some spreadsheets and put together deal stats to circulate to the team.

3.00 PM

Meetings with the issuer - I joined a call between the client and Syndicate to discuss how their current trade was progressing.

On another deal, I joined the pricing call, to finalise and price the live transaction.

5.00 PM

Daily team meeting - Recap on today’s deals/potential deals for the week.

5.30 PM

Time to log off