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William Buck

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Emma Wheeler

For any of our work that has some complex tax issues, we always meet with our Tax Team to check that we have dealt with these properly.

7.00 AM

After I snooze my alarm a couple times, I get myself out of bed and start to get ready for work. After a quick breakfast I make my way to the train stop to start my commute to work.

8.15 AM

I arrive at the office and turn on my computer to settle in to my desk. When all logged in, I check my emails to see if there has been any emails or updated from colleagues or clients. I check over Workflow +, which is what we use to track our workflow, and create my list of tasks to complete for the day. After this, I make a start on my work.


9.00 AM

After a little bit of work, it’s time for my first coffee of the day. I head with a couple of my colleagues to grab a coffee from our machines in The Hub, which is our collaborative working space and break room. After I make myself a latte I have a little chat in The Hub with my colleagues and head back to my desk.

10.30 AM

I catch up with one of our managers to talk about an advice piece I have been working on for a client. We booked one of our small meeting rooms, we have these on each floor and they allow us to work collaboratively but not be a distraction to the rest of the office. My manager helps me finish drafting the email and we both send it to the client together.


12.30 PM

Finally lunch time! Most days I pack my lunch, however today my co-worker, Claudia, and I decided to head to get a little treat to have with our lunch. Working so close to the Central Markets and in the centre of the city means that we have so many options to choose from. We settle on Yo-Chi, and take it back to The Hub to eat with our other colleagues.


1.30 PM

I get back to my desk and then head into a meeting with our Tax Team. For any of our work that has some complex tax issues, we always meet with our Tax Team to check that we have dealt with these properly.

3.00 PM

After my meeting with the Tax Team, I head back to my desk to get some work done and then head into our team meeting. We have regular meetings with our team to discuss any changes happening in the office and to be able to share any new knowledge we have learnt recently. 



4.00 PM

I head to grab a coffee after our meeting and get stuck into my work to have a productive last hour of work.

5.00 PM

Home time! I pack up my desk and catch the train back home to quickly change and head for a walk at the beach. I find exercising after a long day at work is a great way to relax and unwind, and to refresh my mind ready for the next day!


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