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Jordan Tracy

6.30 AM

My first alarm clock is going off. If I feel rested enough, I can generally wake up at this point. If I don’t feel rested enough, I then sleep for another 20 minutes. Sometimes the extra 20 minutes can make a huge difference in my day.

7.00 AM

I am stepping onto the bus at this time after walking to the bus stop. I love the time to myself on the bus in the morning. It gives me a chance for my brain to wake up. I usually read, watch a couple of YouTube videos or some mornings I just stare into the abyss on the other side of the window and absorb my surroundings before a long day at work.

7.40 AM

I've decided to take the scenic walk to work, passing by a small church with beautiful architecture.

7.45 AM

I’m arriving at work and start planning my day with a to-do list. I start by filtering through any emails in my inbox I've received since leaving work last. 

8.00 AM

I’m doing a round of the office to gather other graduates and undergraduates to grab a coffee at the local. I enjoy watching their smiles pop up behind their desks as they know it’s that time of the morning. Fate or not, I believe the cohort of graduates this year have developed or stumbled into something special. We all get along extremely well.  

Worley Graduate - Young male professional grabbing coffee with colleagues.

8.30 AM

I’m back at my desk and sufficiently caffeinated, ready to tackle the day’s most difficult tasks. I start by continuing the hydraulic modelling of a pipeline system installed on the client’s site to find ways to optimise the design, layout or equipment in the pipeline. This consumes most of my morning as I am back and forth between my desk and my lead engineers desk asking (seemingly) infinite questions. I decide I have to touch base with the project manager to gather more crucial information and to update them on my findings regarding the calculation I just produced.

Worley Graduate - Young male professional sitting on his desk.

12.00 PM

I message my mates throughout the building to have lunch in the lunchroom. We all instead decide to travel downstairs to get some fresh air and eat outside. We pick a nice, warm, sunshine soaked table to eat at. Working in an office, I find it important to break up my day by going outside and doing small things like this.

1.00 PM

An engineer in my team asks me to assist in drafting a technical evaluation of equipment we are looking to purchase from several different bidding vendors. We need to ensure the equipment we are purchasing for the client is going to match the engineering standards and criteria outlined by site specifications and engineering design codes. My colleague takes some time to explain the task clearly and provides an example of how this document has been drafted in the past. I draft the document and send it to my lead mechanical engineer for an official document review and sign-off.

Worley Graduate - Young male professional working with a fellow engineer.

3.00 PM

I'm engaged in our weekly team mechanical engineering meeting. More than ten people are in the room and we update our progress on the current projects we are providing engineering support for.

Worley Graduate - Young male professional conducting a meeting.

5.00 PM

I'm finishing up my day by recording my hours and writing a few notes to expedite my start routine in the morning.

5.15 PM

My night approaches a fork in the road. Most nights I will head to the gym before heading home and winding down. If it's Friday I will most likely be headed to a bar, with my Worley friends, to meet up with other mates from various companies around Brisbane.