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Insider tips to score a graduate job with TasNetworks

Vanessa Tobias

Careers Commentator
TasNetworks supplies power every day to almost every Tasmanian, in almost every part of the state.

TasNetworks supplies power everyday to almost every Tasmanian, in almost every part of the state. Without them, Tasmania would grind to a halt. A graduate job with such a crucial organisation, responsible for delivering electricity and telecommunications networks safely, is stimulating and rewarding.

If you want to start your new career in a coveted three-year structured program, in a hands-on position behind the desk and in the field, whilst you learn all aspects of the business from industry leaders, the TasNetworks Graduate Program will see you thrive.

To qualify you'll need to have studied engineering, finance, accounting, human resources, IT or business. You'll be passionate about what you do, with interpersonal skills under your belt, coupled with a high level of technical knowledge. Heads up, though. There are only limited spots available, but we've got all the insider info from our graduates who work with TasNetworks. Here are their insider tips to help you do the same.

1. Use the presentations to show your innovation

Like many major organisations, the recruitment process is demanding. The first step is to register your interest with them online and submit a cover letter and resume. If you are chosen to move forward, from there you’ll have a Skype interview, followed by a panel interview. Then depending on the position, you’ll be assigned presentations or further testing to see if you’re the right fit for the role.

The whole thing is intense. Instead of looking at it as a lot of work, see it as a platform to show off your blue sky thinking and innovative ideas. Especially in the presentation stage where you really have a chance to shine, pitching your own original concepts.

“Prepare, prepare, prepare. It is easy to tell apart the candidates that have prepared and those that haven't. Be innovative with any presentations you are assigned - think outside the box. Also be genuine - the process is designed to see if you fit in with the culture of the company and vice versa - if it's not a good fit, you are unlikely to be happy coming to work each day.”

– Graduate, Cambridge

“My personal experience was different from most, as I worked on my honours project with the company and then landed a graduate role through that, after work experience. The current hiring process seems full-on and I feel that it will be tailored every year to adjust the process to target the type of graduates that they are looking for. However, I would say not to judge the company on their hiring process, although this part is full-on, the company is a relaxed and motivating environment to work in.”

– Graduate

2. Use their clear expectations to your advantage

The Graduate Program is offered in five different categories - engineering, finance, people, IT and business. For each one, the expectations of what you'll achieve in the program are very clear.  For instance, in engineering,“Can you sit in the driver’s seat planning, designing and creating the largest single infrastructure in Tasmania? Can you make it robust, resilient and ready for tomorrow?”

If working in the people category, ”Can you contribute, create and enhance people programs that attract and engage one of the most diverse and highly skilled teams in the state? Can you provide insight and initiatives to continually improve a high-performance culture for over 1,000 team members?”

Use these clear expectations to your advantage. Prepare responses to behavioural questions that show you have the skills needed to achieve what’s expected of you in each category.

3. Be up for a challenge

The TasNetworks’ Graduate Program attracts high-quality candidates from Tasmania and all around Australia. They only accept eight grads per year and in 2018, six of these are engineering graduates, so things aren’t looking too promising for those from other principles.

Instead of using this as a deterrent, consider this information in how you approach it from the beginning. Put your game face on and go above and beyond in everything you do. Prepare more. Research more. Network more. Do whatever it takes to stand out from the rest.

“When opportunities arise, the hiring process is very fair and the opportunity to move up is recognised and often rewarded. The opportunities may be few and far between, however, due to being a relatively small company and job openings require movement of people. As yet, I have not had a problem.”

– Graduate, Cambridge, TAS

4. Brush up on your technical knowledge

Obviously, before your interview you should prepare for questions around your experience and skill set. Research the company and their culture. Rehearse answers for behavioural questions that show how you've handled challenging situations in the past, as they will want to see how you’re likely to perform at TasNetworks in the future.

Keep in mind that TasNetworks are looking for those with experience under their belt, and will ask you questions to see how you compare. Brush up on your technical knowledge and skill-set and prepare responses that show you have the technical experience to excel in the role.  

“I would strongly recommend any candidate to strive to improve both their interpersonal and technical skills.”

– Graduate, Hobart

“My role within previous businesses, leadership qualities, collaboration. Technical questions were on protection of the transmission system, appropriate PPE for work sites and some technical theory of power systems.”

– Graduate, Hobart

“Mainly behavioural questions with a couple of technical questions.”

– Graduate, Hobart