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Interview tips with our Adobe APAC Talent Acquisition team

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The most common question our Talent Partners get is, “How should I prepare for my interview?”

Preparing a CV/resume

For Sandeep Joshi, APAC talent partner, preparing your CV/resume is a top priority. He admits there are a number of things to consider when submitting a CV/resume for a role, but here are his top tips:

  • Your CV should be relevant to the role that you have applied for. For example, if you have a technical background as well as a sales background and if you are applying for a sales role, the CV should talk about relevant experience, your achievements in that area, and more.
  • No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors! This can leave a poor first impression.
  • Focus on your responsibilities and be sure to highlight your achievements by supporting it with relevant data.
  • Don’t overload your CV, try to keep it as short and concise as possible.

Preparing for an interview

Now that you’ve submitted your resume and gotten a callback, it’s time to prepare for that interview! We asked Allen Russell, our director of talent acquisition of JAPAC, what his recommendations were. For him, it’s all about realizing that the interview is a two-way process.

“Apart from doing your research on Adobe—what we do and how we do it—remember that an interview is a two-way process and that you are trying to work out if we are the right company for you. To prepare for the Interview, think about all the things you want to know about the role, the team and the company, and come prepared to ask lots of questions. Asking questions not only helps you get the clarity you need about the role you are interviewing for, but it also shows that you have given a lot of thought to the opportunity. You want to leave the interview with a sense of whether Adobe is the right place for you to take the next step in your career.”

Showing passion and interest in Adobe

With your first interview coming up, don’t forget to do your research. We want to learn what it is about Adobe that interests you. We are a company that is more than 35 years old, and we have such a diversified business, so there’s plenty to read up on. Tara Groves, the senior APAC talent partner, shares the following tips for candidates going through the interview process:

  • Prepare and do your research on Adobe, including the interviewers, and the products. You don’t need to be an expert on Adobe, but showing you have a genuine interest increases your credibility.
  • Be genuine during the interview and show curiosity by asking great questions. Adobe is a relationship-driven organisation and this is your opportunity to build rapport with the interviewer.
  • A question you are likely to be asked during each interview stage is “Why Adobe?” Think outside of the box with this answer. This is a great opportunity to showcase your passion, creativity and authenticity.
  • Regardless of the outcome following the interview, follow-up by sending a quick note to the interviewer. Who knows when your paths will cross again? And secretly, the interviewers LOVE this!

Virtual interview tips

Video interviews are more common than ever, and we recognize that it can be a bit awkward sometimes. However, Michael Papandreas, APAC university programs and talent branding lead stresses the importance of creating a virtual interview just like you would with an in-person interview. Besides the basics—like wearing appropriate clothing—a common mistake he often encounters is timing. “You’ll be surprised how often candidates are late in a virtual format!” He says.

Preparing for multiple interviews

If you have multiple interviews in a row—whether it’s with different teams or a string of interviews for the same team—don’t be nervous. See it as an opportunity to really get to know the team, and recognize that it’s typically a sign that the team is eager to learn more about you. Weiwei Pu, the talent partner for Greater China, says, “Back-to-back interviews are a great way to make a good impression on multiple team members at once and a sure sign that a company is interested in bringing you on board as an employee. Come to your interviews confident and prepared. And most of all, be honest. Prepare for each interview individually so you can learn as much information about the job and company when you are navigating multiple interviews (or possible job offers).”