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Australian coronavirus update: Thursday, April 3rd

James Davis

Careers Commentator
Here’s a quick COVID-19 update we’ve compiled from reliable sources. We’ll cover the latest stats, government advice and reactions from major unis. Stay safe.

How have the general stats changed?

Has government advice changed?

  • New fortnightly wage subsidy of $1500 per employee coming to affected businesses. Begins May 1st. Give your employer this link and ask them to register their interest (even if you've been stood down for the time being); they just need to prove a significant plummet in sales as a result of the virus (30 - 50% revenue loss).
  • The general government health alert remains in place. Continue observing social distancing, avoid large gatherings and wash hands regularly. 
  • The travel ban instated on March 25th is still in effect.
  • Gatherings are now restricted to two people, following in Germany’s footsteps last week.
  • Vulnerable Australians advised to stay home indefinitely.

How have states reacted?

  • All states require a 14-day quarantine on arrival.
  • NSW lockdown to be lifted in 90 days.
  • Victoria going into lockdown over the weekend.
  • Western Australia in state of emergency. Travel restrictions between states in place.
  • South Australia closed its border last week.
  • Anyone entering Queensland needs a border pass. General restrictions in place.
  • Tasmanian arrivals required to fill out an arrival form. Premier Peter Gutwein says restrictions will be in place for at least four weeks.
  • Northern Territory requiring new arrivals to disclose contact and residential information.

What's the latest research into a cure?

How have major universities reacted?

University of Melbourne

  • Students asked not to attend campus.
  • All classes available online.
  • Students now at risk of on-the-spot $1,600 fines for being outside during the Victoria-wide shutdown.

Australian National University

  • Additional one million AUD in emergency grant funding on the cards.
  • Campus residents advised to move back in with family if possible.
  • Census date changed from March 31st to May 8th. 
  • All exams to be online, with alternative assessment methods being discussed. 

University of Sydney

  • NSW police issuing on-the-spot $1,000 fines to any people gathering in groups of three or more.
  • Libraries closed.
  • Campus was moved to after-hours mode last Friday evening, requiring all students to use their ID card to enter campus facilities. Unclear if this will persist. 

University of New South Wales

Monash University

  • Most libraries closed.
  • The Matheson and Peninsula Campus libraries are only open during weekdays, 9:00am - 5:00pm.
  • All on-campus education activities suspended.
  • Students now at risk of on-the-spot $1,600 fines for being outside during the Victoria-wide shutdown.

University of Western Australia

University of Queensland

  • No recent updates. All teaching activities were moved online on March 23rd. 
  • Offline events still cancelled. 
  • Many facilities are still available, including libraries and takeaway food services. 

University of Adelaide

  • No recent updates.
  • A student notified the university they were COVID-19 positive on March 25th. 

Queensland University of Technology

RMIT University

  • All face-to-face learning suspended.
  • All buildings, libraries and Australian campuses closed indefinitely.

University of South Australia

  • Currently asking for donations (tax deductible) to assemble a hardship fund for students.

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