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Millennials are more motivated by fulfilment than cash

Annika Blau

Journalist at ABC NEWS
Diversity and fulfilment key to millennial jobseeker mindset, a recent survey by GradAustralia has found.

Students are more conscious than ever of finding fulfilling work, with 70% of survey respondents saying it’s more important to be fulfilled than to earn lots of money. 

Furthermore, 55% of students wouldn't work for a company with a bad image, even if the salary was high. This figure varied by discipline, with 30% of law students happy to work for an employer with a bad image vs. 20% of finance students and 10% of teaching students.

Students also nominated diversity as an important factor, with 74% of respondents saying diversity is important when choosing an employer. 

A company's’ ‘social image’ clearly plays a role when students nominate their favourite employer for the Top 100 employer rankings. Companies like Google that have built a reputation on campus as being progressive and socially responsible consistently rank highly as the most sought-after employers for students.