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Prosple Australia partners with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Melody Dexter

Team Prosple
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand have partnered with Prosple Australia to create a unique jobs board for young accounting professionals.

Accounting graduates will benefit from Prosple Australia’s partnership with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), with the creation of a comprehensive jobs board featuring graduate, vacation, internship and cadetship roles.

CA ANZ is a central pillar in the Australian accounting industry, a leading professional association representing over 120,000 members in Australia and New Zealand. Members of CA ANZ benefit from a global network, internationally recognised training, mentoring, networking events and expert guidance throughout all stages of their accounting career.

The CA ANZ jobs board is featured on CA ANZ’s You Unlimited site, created for the next generation of highly qualified difference makers. Signing up as a Student Affiliate is free, and students will benefit from invitations to local career events, scholarship opportunities, career advice and access to jobs and graduate programs relevant to their degree

In an industry where 26 graduates compete for every position, it’s imperative that graduate programs are advertised far and wide, for the benefit of both graduates and employers. Accounting degrees offer diverse career pathways with global opportunities for graduates. The accounting profession is one of few which offers cadetships, which, together with vacation work and internships, create a steady career pathway for young professionals.

CA ANZ and Prosple Australia’s partnership has extended to the offering of The Business Careers Handbook, a comprehensive guide to careers in commerce, consulting and financial services. The guide includes tips on career planning, specialisations and pathways, pro interview tips, how to get hired, as well as an employer directory of organisations hiring grads and real-life stories from graduates on the job. Get a free copy here.

Prosple Australia is pleased to be working with CA ANZ in assisting young accounting graduates to gain a solid start in their graduate careers. Employers seeking to join the CA ANZ jobs board are invited to contact Prosple Australia at [email protected].