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BCG insider guide - what I learned along the way

Lynn Elesy

Careers Commentator
Michaela Alhadeff, a project manager at Boston Consulting Group, shares five things she didn’t know about the firm when she joined the graduate program.

1. Commitment to professional development 

The level of training and support was amazing from the start. From formal training – professional actors were brought in to help improve our communication skills – to the informal development from experienced colleagues and mentorships, the support was superlative and it continues throughout your career. 

2. A ticket to the world 

In the six years I have been with BCG, I have worked in Chicago, Boston and New York. My 2009 grad program cohorts are spread out around the world: London, Chile and India. On a daily basis, working at the firm expands your global knowledge. 

3. Owning the work from day one 

The second that you join the firm you are given responsibility for a piece of work. You have to work with a client, get the information you need to manage the problem and find a solution. 

4. Your colleagues are brilliant 

It is a great environment to work in – everyone looks forward to going to work. There’s a real sense of community, you can bounce ideas off your colleagues and everyone is a team player. 

5. A lifelong network 

Once you join BCG, you become part of the global family. Whether you stay two years or 20, we like to stay in touch. Having a big network of alumni is great because there is always someone to learn from.