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Insider tips to get hired at Boston Consulting Group

Lynn Elesy

Careers Commentator
What does it take to get a graduate job at one of the most coveted consulting firms in Australia?

Advice for graduates

Simon Miller, Managing Director for The Boston Consulting Group in Australia, has some useful advice for graduates interested in pursuing a consulting career.

Driven to make a difference

We are looking for smart, motivated people who want to make a difference in any field. BCG views diversity – in outlook and experience as well as area of study – as an essential part of the business. Whether you have studied music, philosophy, law, or
commerce and business, being exceptional in what you have accomplished in life is what matters.

How do I know if consulting is for me?

Consulting is about problem solving and bringing solutions to life. If you enjoy analysing and solving really tough problems, making change happen and working with highly driven people you will enjoy management consulting. Take the time to learn about consulting firms and what they do. As a strategy consultancy, grads at BCG get exposure to the most senior level people, the top leaders, right from the beginning.

Key attributes of successful candidates

  • Strong drive
  • Relentless curiosity
  • A desire to create your own path
  • The ability to work collaboratively
  • Passion and leadership required to make an impact.

Cover letter and CV

Use your cover letter to supplement, but not repeat, what appears on your CV.
Use your CV to demonstrate:

  • a track record of achievement and personal impact
  • specific examples of drive, commitment and leadership
  • exceptional academic achievement.

BCG is looking for people who can demonstrate that they have accomplished something beyond the ordinary – who can show the difference they have made in the world. If you fit the bill, make sure that the person reading your application and supporting materials can see it. 

Interview success 

Our interview process has three parts: getting to know a candidate, understanding how they solve problems through a case study and answering questions.

Practice and preparation are key to succeeding at all three. Come prepared with specific examples of personal impact and achievement, such as where you have worked in a team and where you have faced serious challenges and roadblocks. We want to hear the details: who was involved and what exactly did you do.

Everyone has stories – the difference is how well you can articulate your impact on the final result.

The case study segment of the interview is used to evaluate your thinking process, strategic skills and ability to make a case for your recommendations. It takes time to become comfortable with this type of interview, so check out relevant resources for practice and preparation.

Finally, be ready to ask questions about working at the firm. Don’t forget to use this opportunity to get firsthand insight from the interviewer, including their personal experiences and perspectives, along with more general details.