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SACOME Youth Campaign

South Australia’s resources sector is among the most innovative in the world, with a diverse range of roles available for graduates and well beyond the degrees traditionally associated with the industry like engineering and geology.

The sector is truly multi-disciplinary and needs everything from IT specialists to environmental scientists.

Working for the sector can take you from the middle of the CBD to the heart of the South Australian outback and many young South Australian resource sector professionals have the option to work anywhere between the office and a site.

Behind every operation there is a whole team of professionals working all over the State to ensure that the South Australian resources sector keeps moving.

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In-house grad roles can be a great way to continue your training and get a foot in the door

Accounting and finance are great examples. The standard journey for graduates traditionally begins on a graduate program at an accountancy firm, but many energy and mining companies now have their own in-house graduate programs offering the same on-the-job training and qualifications available at the country’s biggest accounting firms.

These programs are highly respected and transferable, enabling graduates to either continue an accounting role within the resources sector or transition across to consultancy or simply another in-house role.

Crucially, these programs give graduates the opportunity to further their specialisation while getting in-depth experience in a specific industry.

Similar graduate and placement opportunities are available in sectors such as law, marketing and public relations, human resources and recruitment, and a range of other careers.

While graduate positions in agencies specialising in areas such as law, accounting and public relations are often based interstate, beginning your career in a resources company provides an exciting and rewarding alternative that keeps you close to home while also providing the same career development and travel opportunities available via the more conventional route.

The rise of innovation and tech in resources

The resources sector continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

In South Australia, entire tech eco-systems are emerging around the resources sector. Graduate designers, developers and digital professionals are becoming essential within the sector - in fact in the next five years, three quarters of jobs in resources are forecast to be enhanced or redesigned through technology.

Whether within a resources company itself or in the wider market, there are myriad new, innovative roles available ranging from full stack developers to data analysts and website designers.

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Discover a career in resources

To encourage young professionals to learn more about a career in resources, the new Resources. But Not as you Know It campaign gives young jobseekers an opportunity to experience the working lives of graduates who have chosen to enter the resources sector.

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