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50 highest-paying internships for international students in Australia

Team Prosple

Check out these paid internships for international students (hourly rates up to $40+ AUD!)

Finding an internship as an international student is hard. Finding one that's paid? Impossible! ... Or so you might think.

What if we told you that there are a bunch of PAID internships in our jobs database that accept student visa holders like yourself? In fact, here's a round-up of the top 50 from the past year!

50 Highest-paying internships for international students

    Where we got our data

    • These are internships posted on our site in the last twelve months (July 2022 - July 2023) that accept student visa holders. This means that not all jobs are currently live. For the most up-to-date internship postings, check our site.
    • The average hourly rates below are derived from the annual salary ranges provided by employers. So if the range was $50k-$60k, we'd take the average ($55k) and then turn that into an hourly rate.

    What are the top industries hiring international students as interns?

    The majority of internships available to international students occur in four sectors: 

    1. Accounting & Advisory: This is where the most internships and grad jobs are for both domestic and international students. Accounting jobs are expected to grow nearly 10% (17,900 jobs) by 2026.
    2. Engineering Consulting: Be it civil, electrical, mechanical or chemical, engineers in Australia earn a hefty salary.
    3. Mining, Oil & Gas: This is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Australian economy, so it's no surprise they pay well and hire globally. And by pay well, we mean very well – according to the Australian Taxation Office, mining engineers are the 7th highest earners in the country!
    4. Law: Law is a well-respected and well-paid profession in Australia that's expected to grow by 20,400 jobs by 2026! So there are plenty of opportunities for international students.

    What next?

    If you found internships you're interested in

    If you found any live internships that interest you, apply away! 

    If there are any employers who pique your interest but don't have live internships right now, save them and be the first to know when positions open.

    If you didn't find anything

    There are only a handful of industries represented in this list so we get it if you didn't find anything for you. In that case, search for more internships on Prosple and use our Work Authorization filter to find ones you're eligible for.

    And if you still didn't find anything on Prosple, check out these 9 other places to find the best internships and vacation programs.