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Top 10 best tech sector jobs for graduates

Mary Cameron

Careers Commentator
Wondering who tops the list of tech firms employing graduates?

Here's what our research says about the popularity and quality of programs offered by ten top-ranking companies.

Want the nuts and bolts behind our methodology? Here you go.

Ok, to trust us? Read on.

The givens.

Launch your tech career in any of these multinationals, and you’ll be set to:

  • Explore careers in dozens of different tech-driven fields
  • Become a dedicated, well-supported life-long learner – there’s zero ‘set and forget’ in tech 
  • Spend some time wrangling globally dictated policies and procedures that may not be a great ‘local’ fit.  

The good news

If you’re keen to: 

  • Embrace hybrid working conditions
  • Work in diverse environments with good to great levels of corporate social responsibility

you’ll be fine at any of the companies listed here. 

Note the numbers. Trust your gut 

Numbers-wise, not much separates the top firms. The ratings are overwhelmingly mid-8s to mid-9s /10. But who doesn't love a percentage point? 

While your brain’s pondering the hair-splitting space between two percentage points, your gut is scanning reviews and sneak peeks. On balance, it’s good to go with your gut.

1. Amazon

This American multinational technology giant needs little introduction. Described in a PBS ‘Frontline’ documentary as ‘one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world,’ Amazon’s global reach covers e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

As a tech sector disrupter renowned for innovation and aggressive, heavily critiqued market practices, Amazon attracts plenty of positive and negative attention.


The sheer scope, scale, speed, and impact of Amazon’s operations offer a plethora of career paths in highly competitive environments worldwide.

Read Amazon’s Employer Profile 

Top 100 ranking

Amazon ranks 1st in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.7/5

Mainly mid-8s to high 9s/10.
9.3/10 for ‘Diversity’, Salary and Work hours ‘Flexible work hours to the max! No expectations of working overtime.’

9.1 /10 for ‘Satisfaction’ – No two days are ever the same. I'm constantly speaking to different stakeholders. I am analysing data. I am writing narratives. I am doing research about strategies for the future.’

Top 3 upsides

  • Generous signup bonus and technology and travel perks 
  • Flexible hours, no micro-management 
  • Diverse workforce   

The downside

A steep learning curve, especially when you join.

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Cultural insights and interview tips 

‘Autonomy, you get freedom to explore what you think is important.’

In this short video, Bianca, an Intern in Web Services, and Dragan, a Software Engineer, share their experience at Amazon. 

Hear from Bianca and Dragan

Watch more videos 


Amazon typically recruits graduates in technical, engineering, research, and business. 

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2. Adobe

Multinational computer software company Adobe’s name is synonymous with software for content creation and publication for everything from graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, and print.

Adobe invests heavily in staff well-being and professional development. They offer generous leave allowances and financial support for serious cash for higher education and training through programs like LinkedIn Learning and Harvard ManageMentor.

Read Adobe’s Employer Profile

Top 100 ranking

Adobe ranks 5th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 5.0/5

Mainly mid 8s to high 9s/10

9.9/10 for ‘Office work environment’, ‘Great location, very spacious and clean. Dress code is casual.’

9.7 /10 for ‘Diversity and ‘Management’ – ‘The managers are very approachable and are more than happy to help if you reach out.’

Watch the video ‘Adobe for All.’ (4mins) 

Top 3 upsides

  • Supportive, inclusive culture
  • Seamless, well-structured recruitment process
  • Strong on inclusion and diversity     

The downside

Can be complex to navigate a large organisation to complete simple tasks. 

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A day in the life…

‘One of the best things I’ve learned about Adobe is it strives for connectedness.’

Lauren Rice, ANZ Marketing Specialist – Digital Media B2B

'Being genuine is one of Adobe’s core values……. It really comes down to just being yourself and everyone at Adobe embraces this quality.’

Liam Power, Renewal Sales Specialist

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EOIs for Adobe’s 2024 Graduate Program close on 31 March 2023

Find out more

3. FDM Group

FDM is a London-based multinational IT training and recruitment company with offices in Sydney.

FDM recruits and trains graduates to work on contract as consultants for their clients, principally in the banking, insurance and finance sectors.

Read FDM’s Employer Profile

Top 100 ranking

FDM ranks 6th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.4/5

Mainly 8s/10 

8.8/10 for ‘Diversity’, 8.5 /10 for ‘Culture – ‘the culture is very inclusive and close-knit..’

Top 3 upsides

  • Award-winning business and technical training
  • High profile clients
  • Career pathways with FDM and client companies 

The downside 

Some grads may find the mandatory two-year contract as a consultant a mixed blessing.  

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A day in the life…

‘….the beauty about FDM is that we’re in an inclusive environment that promotes a fun culture. Afternoon activities include trivia nights, gaming sessions, free pizza and drinks, or even celebrating trainees who’ve been placed.’

Cliff Mutyavaviri, Business Intelligence Trainee at FDM Group

‘I always knew I wanted a career within the tech space, but I was afraid that I didn't have enough qualifications and training to pursue it. It was my FDM training and own perseverance that allowed me to build that bridge of opportunity to work in the world of technology.’

Shevon Lau Technology Migration and Integration Consultant at KPMG

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FDM advertises Graduate jobs and Internships here.

4.  Canva

Canva is all about the ‘democratisation of design’. Users of its online graphic design platform generate around 150 designs every second. Formed in Perth, Western Australia, in 2012, Canva’s current team of around 25000 works in eight global locations.

Canva’s 4-step recruitment process can take up to a month to complete. However, you’ll get feedback at every stage and an answer within 48 hours of completing the process.

Read Canva’s Employer Profile 

Top 100 ranking

Canva ranks 18th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.8/5

Mainly 9s/10 

10/10 for ‘Social responsibility, ’9.8 /10 for ‘Culture’ – ‘There is little explicit structure - everyone is encouraged to voice their thoughts.’

Top 3 upsides

  • The vibe – purpose-driven, friendly, and smart
  • The pay and conditions – generous 
  • Strong on social responsibility       

The downside

Some processes and documentation take time to reflect the pace of innovation and change.   

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A day in the life…

‘I’d be lying if the prospect of an awesome bar, espresso machine, and free breakfast and lunch didn’t influence my decision to work at Canva.’

Reg Oke, Product Designer

…..the greatest thing about Canva is that almost everyone has different backgrounds, originating from different countries, experiences and degrees. It’s all about loving problem-solving, loving people, and loving the product that you’re building (and in Canva’s case, that’s a given!).

Vee Ciputra, Graduate Frontend Software Engineer

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‘It’s a ‘we’ culture, not an ‘I’ culture.’ 

Canva Interns and Grads talk about their experience - 4.30 min video. 


Canva recruits across eleven business areas: business strategy and operations, data, design, engineering, facilities and administration, finance and legal, people, product management, marketing, sales and success, and support. 

Explore Canva’s Launch Pad Program

5. Mastercard 

Mastercard is the planet's second-largest payment processing corporation (after Visa). Headquartered in New York, Mastercard has offices in over 200 countries.

‘The Whole You’ outlines Mastercard’s suite of well-being, education, leave and other benefits.

Read Mastercard’s Employer Profile  

Top 100 ranking

Mastercard ranks 20th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.3/5

Mainly mid 8s to mid 9s/10 

9.4/10 for ‘Social responsibility,’ 9.3 /10 for ‘Culture’ – ‘Team is great, people are great.’

Top 3 upsides

  • Work at the forefront of payments technologies
  • High levels of autonomy and responsibility 
  • Strong on work/life balance       

The downside

Some globally driven policies and procedures can be cumbersome at local levels.   

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‘From one day, we are given exposure to senior leaders at Mastercard, and the ability to influence product strategy and, with guidance, take ownership of a product.’

Shahbaz Bains, Associate Product Specialist, Cyber & Intelligence

….. the company culture at Mastercard that fosters curiosity and involvement across multiple areas of business really works for me.’

Joanne Greiff, Associate Analyst, Account Management

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‘It’s the decency; it’s the craftsmanship, it’s the ownership…’

Senior women at Mastercard talk about values and inclusion - 2.17 min video. 


Explore Mastercard’s Internship program here

6. Telstra 

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications provider based on market share. Graduates can apply for places in a 14-month graduate program. Telstra primarily (but not exclusively) recruits grads in Network or Software Engineering, Data Analytics & Management, Product & Service Design, Technology Consulting & Solutions and Finance & Human Resources. 

Gain a place in Telstra's paid 12-week Summer Internship program, and you’ll get exposure to cutting-edge and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and Artificial Intelligence.

Read Telstra’s Employer Profile   

Top 100 ranking

Telstra ranks 21st in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.5/5

Mainly high 8s and 9s/10 

9.7/10 for ‘Diversity,’ 9.4 /10 for ‘Work hours’ – ‘I more or less choose my own hours. I really love the flexibility.’

Top 3 upsides

  • Well-resourced hybrid work arrangements 
  • Sociable, caring culture 
  • Competitive grad salaries 

The downside

Takes time to navigate systems in such a large company.    

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‘…… engineering at Telstra isn’t just about doing lab work or doing coding on your own. We’re always involved in developing solutions across teams and with our vendors ….’

Daniel Rebellato, Network Engineering Specialist

‘No day is the same at work. I am always finding new use cases for technologies that I have never thought of before!’

Zoe Davies, IoT Business Development Manager

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Apply for Telstra's Graduate jobs and Internship program here

7. Optus

Optus is Australia’s second largest leading telecommunications provider after Telstra. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Singaporean telco Singtel, Optus is headquartered in Sydney and employs around 8000 Australians.  

Optus offers grads a two-year program on their custom-built Sydney campus.

Read Optus’s Employer Profile

Top 100 ranking

Optus ranks 23rd in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.8/5

Mainly high 8s and high 9s/10 

9.7/10 for ‘Culture,’ 9.9 /10 for ‘Recruitment’ – ‘Very simple and quick process. 1. Video Interview 2. Assessment Centre - activity + interview 3. Result.’

Top 3 upsides

  • Flat structure, supportive culture 
  • Clearly defined career paths
  • Accessible, encouraging managers.

The downside

Some of the red tape and bureaucracy common to most large companies.    

Read all the reviews 

‘Coming into Optus, I threw my ‘work persona’ out the window because we are encouraged to be ourselves, and I truly feel I have continuously been supported and encouraged to reach for my goals.’

Hansika Vats, IT Graduate in the Communication & Change Team

‘You need to be able to think critically, avoid taking criticism personally, and value everyone’s opinion based on its relevance and merit towards your project.’

Daniel Full, Visual Designer

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Hear from graduates and managers (2.27-minute video)

Optus’s Graduate Program - FAQ

8. Honeywell 

Honeywell International Inc invents and manufactures technologies that improve productivity and security in sectors as diverse as aerospace, energy, construction, retail and healthcare.

A US-based multinational, Honeywell employs around 1,700 staff in 25 offices across Australia and `New Zealand.

Read Honeywell’s Employer Profile 

Top 100 ranking

Honeywell ranks 26th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.2/5

Mainly 7s and 8s/10 

8.4/10 for ‘Salary,’ 7.9 /10 for ‘Career prospects’ – ‘Many opportunities to move roles. The business is very dynamic, so a higher-level position is opening up every few months.’

Top 3 upsides

  • Varied, interesting work and plenty of opportunities
  • Competitive salaries
  • Flexible hours.

The downside 

Processes and procedures can be difficult to fathom. 

Read all the reviews 

‘I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing and talented women in my team at work as well as in my day-to-day life.’

Sophie Vingerhoets, Graduate Project Engineer

‘The culture of learning has given me the opportunity to engage in projects that challenge me on a technical and personal level and has allowed me to interact with people and processes across a global landscape.’

Luke Millstead, Graduate Software Engineer

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Pre-register for Honeywell’s 2024 Graduate Program

9. DXC Technology 

DXC Technology is an American multinational information technology services and consulting company. It specialises in modern workplace services, including cloud services for IT and business processes, analytics and engineering, applications, and security.

DXC’s 8 Australian offices are part of an extensive Asia Pacific presence with a regional staff of around 58,000 and over 3,500 customers. 

Read DXC Technology’s Employer Profile

Top 100 ranking

DXC Technology ranks 35th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.4/5

Mainly 8s and 9s/10 

9.1/10 for ‘Culture,’ 9.4 /10 for ‘Diversity’ – ‘DXC is a great place for women in tech!’

Top 3 upsides

  • People are willing to help
  • Hybrid working arrangements
  • Relaxed well-resourced workplace

The downside

Combining a heavy workload with remote working can be stressful.

Read all the reviews 

‘Being in an environment where we are encouraged to reach out to share ideas and thoughts is awesome.’

James Lam, Associate Business Consultant

‘The people I work with are what I love most about my job. I most enjoy tasks involving creativity and collaboration, such as working on marketing and communications material or ideating solutions to client problems.’

Jade Slater, Knowledge Custodian/Associate Business Consultant

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Apply for DXC’s 2024 Technology Graduate Program

10. Xero Australia 

Xero is a technology company providing cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, Xero has offices in Australia, Britain and the United States.

Xero’s graduate and intern programs consistently rank well in The Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) awards.

Read Xero’s Employer Profile

Top 100 ranking

Xero ranks 38th in our list of top 100 employers for 2023.

Reviews - overall score 4.7/5

Mainly mid 8s and 9s/10 

9.8/10 for ‘Culture,’ and for ‘Diversity’ – ‘… a very nice focus on maintaining a good work-life balance where working after hours is heavily discouraged.’

Top 3 upsides

  • Dynamic, so lots of career opportunities
  • Supportive, sociable culture 
  • Super diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and background

The downside

Starting pay and benefits are ‘average’, but progressing to higher roles and salaries can happen quickly.  

Read all the reviews 

‘I love how much value is given to learning and growing at Xero.’

Mark Janssen-Vooles, Graduate Developer

‘… nearly every team I have rotated through always asks me what I want out of the next 3 months and tries to match the upcoming work to my learning plan.’

Helen Zuo, Graduate Engineer

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