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How to get hired at Daimler Truck and Bus

Anne Taylor

Talent Acquisition Manager Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso

What is the best way to get into your graduate program?

Daimler Truck and Bus has been focusing heavily on undergraduates  with our Industry Based Learning or IBL program.  The best way to get in to this is to know when we recruit, do your research on our business and know why the role you are applying for is the best fit for you.  If you are unclear on any of these topics, you will be unable to convince any recruiter that you are the one!  It also goes a long way to address the key criteria sought from you in a job ad.  What are we looking for, and what’s the selection criteria?  Many IBL programs or graduate programs have certain qualifying criteria you need to meet to ensure your application is accepted.  If you meet them all- great, make sure you voice this in your cover letter.  Is there one criteria you fail to meet?  Recruiters will notice, so it’s best to make an attempt to address this in your letter and justify why you still feel compelled to apply.  You never know where this initiative can take you!

What about timing?

At Daimler Truck and Bus we start working on our IBL program mid-year, for the following year’s intake.  Our HR team start by collaborating with leaders within our business to assess and determine what our needs will be for the following year and which of our business units- Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Fuso, Aftersales, Accounting and Finance or HR might have the capacity for an IBL student.  This decision making process leads to the development of Position Description and an advertising campaign to attract the best talent for our business.

What type of grads are you looking for?

While a revamped Grad program is in development, our IBL program continues to flourish.  We could have the need for students from a variety of disciplines from Engineering to Marketing and Finance.  Most recently, we have sought out students for Network Development, Pricing and Reporting, Engineering and Marketing.

How can I stand out?

The first impression we receive from you is your written application.  This is your opportunity to stand out by demonstrating a thorough understanding of our business as well as the role you are applying for.  Best Fit is a critical part of our recruitment process and this is your opportunity to show case your professional career to date.  Even if you have not had a lot of experience, always look deeper into the experiences you have had and try to relate them back to your application.  So, the only job you’ve had is working at McDonalds?  No problem!  Look to show us how attention to detail, your ability to follow process or your outstanding customer care skills relate to our role and give some thought to the transferable skills you have developed.  We are interested in your insights.

What are some key attributes of successful candidates?

Generally our successful candidates will have a well-rounded background of balancing study, work, sports / hobbies and be actively engaged with the teams they are involved in.  This builds resilience and fine tunes your relationship building skills.  Remember, from that first communication via resume, through to phone interviews and face to face interviews- you are constantly building a relationship and showing how you communicate with stakeholders.  First impressions count but so does every interaction along the way.

Anything else?

I’m sure you’ve heard many people say ‘be yourself’.  It can come across as cliché and start to lose some meaning.  Another way to see this advice is to be authentic.  All the research and preparation about what employers look for can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, so remember to take a step back, know your purpose and apply for roles with companies that align with the purpose and principals that matter to you.