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My first year at Bloomberg: “I studied harder than I ever did in school, but also learned a lot more.”

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Lilly Inoue is an Analytics Team Leader at Bloomberg’s Tokyo office. Here, she reflects on her first year at Bloomberg – the demands of her role, finding her voice, and the importance of sheer hard work.

I joined Bloomberg in January 2019, after applying for a position during a career forum in Boston. Over 200 companies set up booths at the fair, but Bloomberg had by far the most approachable vibe – its employees were actively reaching out to students, rather than waiting for students to come to them. It was easy to tell that they genuinely embodied Bloomberg’s culture. 

To be honest, my financial knowledge was pretty much non-existent at that time – my background was in science, and I majored in Biology, Chemistry, and Earth and Environmental Sciences at university. I was definitely apprehensive about joining an industry I had no prior experience in. However, all the employees I had the pleasure of speaking with were very reassuring; during their presentation, they emphasized how much Bloomberg invests in its people, whether it be via educational or career development opportunities. Also, the fact that they were looking not for an experienced person, but rather someone who was willing to gain that experience, really appealed to me. This was what prompted me to take the plunge and apply for a job with Bloomberg. 

A steep learning curve

In a nutshell, my first year at Bloomberg has been a whirlwind! The learning curve has certainly been very steep – I would say that ever since joining the company, I have studied harder than I ever did in school, but I have also learned a lot more than expected. 

I am currently an Equity Advanced Specialist in the Analytics department in the Tokyo office – a role that sees me handling complex client inquiries relating to the Equity market. This means that I need to have in-depth product and client knowledge; I am also expected to keep up-to-date with market trends and events in order to provide high-quality and timely customer service. In my department, you really end up becoming a specialist in all things related to the Bloomberg Terminal. 

In addition to assisting clients via the Bloomberg chat function, my team is responsible for conducting training sessions for clients and introducing them to new functionalities. Moreover, we work closely with other departments, particularly Sales, to help drive Bloomberg’s business forward. 

For me, no two days are the same. I could easily spend a whole day supporting clients through helpdesk chats; the next day, I could be busy attending various internal meetings or calling clients to train them on certain functionalities. However, one thing remains constant: my colleagues and I push one another to be better every day.

Finding my voice  

Here at Bloomberg, you are always encouraged to speak your mind. Being a naturally shy person, I initially found this very challenging. In the past, I was never comfortable with voicing my views, especially if it was to disagree with someone else’s idea. However, I recently took up the role of deputy team leader, which means that my feedback and opinion are always being sought. This has vastly helped me to face my fear of speaking up! 

Also, my time at Bloomberg has really helped me to hone my communication skills. Whether it be communicating via phone, online chat or in-person, I have learned how to present myself according to the context and target audience. It is so important to know how to ask the right questions, and to always think about the “why” factor. Of course, this is all easier said than done, but I have learned so much from my colleagues – and continue to do so. 

An open and inclusive culture

Bloomberg’s culture is like no other. The company has a very flat environment where, regardless of your age or seniority, you are recognized for the hard work you put in. Also, the company offers a range of career paths and supports you in attaining your goals. 

Bloomberg employees come from various walks of life, which makes the work environment all the more interesting and diverse – you end up learning something new every day. Also, the inclusiveness of the community we have here makes you feel like you really know your colleagues across different regions, even if you have never met them in person! 

Of course, it also helps that my immediate colleagues are so personable. Everyone is always willing to take five minutes of their time to help you out when asked. After work hours, I often find myself enjoying nice non-work-related conversations with them – which is always pleasant, especially after a long day. 

Hard work pays dividends 

Even though my role can be demanding, I really enjoy the different challenges and responsibilities that come with it. At Bloomberg, you have to put a lot of hard work into your tasks to go above and beyond expectations. Also, everyone is constantly striving to challenge themselves in new ways – which enables you to grow a lot quicker than you would elsewhere. However, at the end of the day, you are always rewarded for your efforts by your colleagues and managers. It is not always easy, but it is immensely gratifying to know that the work you do – no matter how small the task – helps drive Bloomberg’s business forward.

For potential candidates looking to join Bloomberg, I would emphasize the fact that nothing is handed to you on a plate here – you really have to earn it. However, if you are a person who is willing to learn, and who has the drive to always do better than you did the day before, then I am confident that you will be a great fit for the company. 

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