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My Melbourne Clerkship Experience

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Hear from one of our recent Melbourne Summer Clerks about how they stayed relaxed during the process and what they loved about their time at Clyde & Co!

How did you manage stress/ nerves during the application process?

Having gone through the process, I understand how stressful it could be to balance your applications, academics and maintaining your hobbies. I managed stress/nerves through preparation and prioritising my wellbeing.

Preparing early for the application process is halfway through the process! Since different firms have different stages of application, it could get messy without being organised. I recommend having a spreadsheet tracker to keep track of different firms’ application stages. For Clyde & Co, it involves submitting your CV, Cover Letter and Transcript and answering three questions for the firm to know more about you. Take the time to draft your responses because the firm does read them!

I’d also advise maintaining your usual routine. For example, if you work out in the mornings, keep working out on the day of your interview because you don’t want to be overstressed about your performance. Prioritising your physical and mental health like your sleep, nutrition and exercise is crucial to maintaining your wellbeing.

Lastly, just do your best and good luck!


How did you prepare for interviews?

I prepared for interviews by going back to the basics: reflecting on why I chose to apply for the firm and how I could showcase my skills and qualities during the interview. For Clyde & Co, both rounds of interview were really pleasant and I found the interviewers just genuinely wanted to know you better. When answering the interviewers’ questions, demonstrate your attributes by linking your skills to your experiences. No experience is undermined, think of what transferable skills that you could apply in a law firm setting. Finally, practice, practice, practice! 


Why did you choose Clyde & Co?

I chose Clyde & Co because I wanted to work at an international commercial law firm that has top tier work and values diversity. As a new joiner to the Australian legal market, Clyde & Co has been expanding rapidly and advises on the most high profile contentious and non-contentious commercial matters. As a sector focused law firm, Clyde & Co is the best at what they do. For me, I was interested in Clyde & Co’s Insurance Law practice and I got to work on some large cross-border insurance regulatory work. For others, they might be interested in Clyde & Co’s Marine practice, Cyber practice or Construction practice which are all highly regarded. 

Clyde & Co’s emphasis on diversity is the second key reason why I chose the firm. Coming from a culturally diverse background, I’ve always wanted to work at a firm that embraces the individuality of people. Clyde & Co’s diversity and equality initiatives are well reflected in its recruitment. After clerking here for 8 weeks, I truly felt that my individuality was included and valued across the firm.  


What would an average day during the clerkship look like?

As cliché as it sounds, there isn’t an average day during the clerkship! Since the firm has a flat and collegiate culture, each clerk is encouraged to take up as much as they could handle and often at times stepping outside their comfort zone. For instance, I was supporting the Melbourne office’s Financial Lines Disputes team and I worked closely with all levels of lawyers from Associates to Partners. I conducted legal research for a lawyer’s drafting of a Statement of Defence, drafted a Deed of Release, attended a client call, attended a mediation and even did the first draft of a Memorandum of Advice for a client, just to name a few. You won’t be disappointed if you’re after the experience of being a lawyer at a global commercial law firm! 


What was the highlight of your clerkship?

The highlight of my clerkship was the lovely people at Clyde & Co! As much as you want to work at a firm that does interesting work and shares the same values, you also want to be working with interesting and friendly people. Given the firm’s flat and collegiate culture, everyone was really approachable and willing to take the time to explain anything that you aren’t sure about. Each clerk is paired with a Buddy and a Mentor to support you along the journey and they really made an effort to develop you as one of their own. The mid clerkship Christmas party also reflects the fun culture that the firm has fostered — they are the people whom you enjoy working and partying with!


Why would you recommend Clyde & Co?

I would recommend Clyde & Co to people who are looking for top tier work experience, great training and mentorship, friendly people and a firm that invests in you. All offices run an 8 week clerkship which provides students with an ideal period of time to experience being a lawyer at a global commercial law firm.