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What makes us Better Together?

For us, safety at work is paramount, and we work tirelessly to ensure that individuals and businesses prioritise safety, allowing everyone to return home safely each day and live life to the fullest.

Our company is expanding, and we have an exciting graduate opportunity available. This role will provide you with the opportunity to gain real work experience in both our consulting services and cutting-edge cloud-based software. This is a pivotal moment for Action OHS Consulting as we increase our presence in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. At the same time, Safety Champion Software is transitioning from a startup to a global scale-up, with over 1,600 clients worldwide.

Excited to find out more? 
Here's a glimpse into the world of benefits that makes Action OHS Consulting and Safety Champion Software the perfect place to grow a career, succeed, and truly make an impact.

Level up your career

  • Mentorship as a core: Be a mentor. Be mentored. We are big believers in supporting professional, personal and career growth through mentorship – either informal or via our in-house Mentorship Program.
  • Build a career: This isn’t just another job. It’s a chance to construct a fulfilling career. As you contribute to our collective success, you’ll carve out your own path to professional accomplishment.
  • Bring a start-up mindset: Dive into a culture that values fresh ideas and audacious goals. Your innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit will be the backbone of our company’s development.

Make an Impact with your work

  • Innovate with us: When it comes to building the future of safety at work, we’re all hands on deck. Contribute during our annual staff conference or in the breakroom – doesn’t matter. All ideas are heard, and expertise is valued.
  • Work for a sustainable planet: We’re B-Corp certified meaning we match our environmental ethos with our operational choices, striving to maintain a low carbon footprint and encouraging eco-friendly habits within our teams, clients and community.
  • Give back, profits to charity: Your work doesn't just end with us. We pledge a generous portion of our profits to charities chosen by our staff, community and clients.

Find Balance in your life-work 

  • Live Life-work balance: We believe the secret to high productivity is a well-rested and content team. That's why we champion a life-work balance that supports you in being your most efficient and creative self.
  • Choose your workspace: Hybrid or remote working isn't just a policy here—it's part of our culture.
  • Swap your Public Holidays: Ever wished you could move holidays around to suit your schedule? We give you the autonomy to swap public holidays based on your cultural or personal preferences.

Share Success, better together 

  • Celebrate together: We recognise both team and individual accomplishments because every single one contributes to our atmosphere of success.
  • Be a key stakeholder: When the company thrives, so do you. Become a stakeholder in your workplace with our Profit Share Program.
  • Enjoy downtime with your colleagues after a successful day, week, or month – at our regular Social Club events.

Stay Healthy while you work

  • Live well for less: We empower your health journey with a generous wellness allowance designed to subsidise your fitness regimen, meditation courses, or whatever keeps you at your best.
  • Enjoy healthy (but yummy) snacks: Working from the Melbourne office? Recharge your day with an assortment of snacks that tick both boxes—nutritious and delicious!
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Our comprehensive EAP offers confidential and professional support for not only your work-related concerns but also personal challenges.

Recruitment Process

  1. Submit your cover letter and cv, as well as answering our screening questions via our online portal, SWAG.
  2. Initial screening call with our Head of People to get to know you. This could happen any time after you submit your application - be ready!
  3. Round one interview, where you'll meet our Executive Management team and OHS Principal Consultants online.
  4. Take home safety assessment task. We'll outline this in your first interview and do a de-brief on your approach in the second round meeting.
  5. Round two interview, we'll meet in person to debrief after your take-home task, and you'll get more in-depth details about the role,  the team and our vision.

Successful candidates will…

  • Be job-ready - available to start on 24 June!
  • Fantastic communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Lived work experience - we want candidates with a career before us!
  • Shared values (check out our website for more)…

Remuneration & Career Growth

Partnering with a Principal Consultant, the Graduate Program is tailored to ensure that you gain exposure to all facets of consulting work during the 6-month program, in addition to a deep dive and implementation experience with our software, Safety Champion Software.  Working hybridly, you'll be in the office, onsite with clients or at home - every day will be different!

Beyond your Graduate Program, our Career Pathways Program offers a tailored plan for our people to thrive.  It provides clarity on your pathway from graduate right through to Principal Consultant, or even working across our software with Safety Champion.

Our core values represent who we are, what we do, why we do it and inform all of our People Programs:

  • Life-work balance
  • Better Together
  • Go for Gold
  • Start-up mindset
  • Bold ideas
  • Customer Alert 

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Introducing Safety Champion Software

Discover more about Safety Champion Software!

Introducing Safety Champion Software

Discover more about Safety Champion Software!