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Krystal Sharan

7.30 AM

After snoozing my alarm at least twice, I wake up and cuddle my pups in bed for an extra 10 minutes. One quick shower later, I sit down and watch ‘The Office’ while I do my hair and makeup. I then feed my pups while I wait for my coffee and toast, once its ready I jump into the car.

8.30 AM

My commute to work is short which works well since I’m not a morning person. Driving to work isn’t complete without some pumping tunes and a couple phone calls to friends. In my current rotation, I work in the Government and International Affairs team.  


9.00 AM

I arrive in the office. We catch up and ask about each other’s weekend usually discussing the latest beautiful restaurants we have discovered. I read through all emails and start setting up my tasks for the day in order of priority – I feel super accomplished when I cross off an item on my to do list.

10.00 AM

Working in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment, our team meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings. We go through our workflow and discuss our priorities for the week; in doing so we can support each other and workshop how to best tackle problems.


11.00 AM

Time to be productive - I usually assist the Political Advisers in drafting briefs for numerous internal and external stakeholders. So during this time, I research and coordinate information from various sources. Often, I will have to call different departments to provide me with access to information. It has been fantastic getting to know people from around the whole organisation.

1.00 PM

Lunch time. I get some lunch from the café and meet the other Graduates for lunch. We catch up and talk about our rotations. We’ve found this quite useful in understanding what the different divisions do at ANSTO.


1.30 PM

Back to work. I’m currently working on writing the Corporate Plan and Annual Report for ANSTO. A quick huddle with my mentor, speedy division of tasks and we’re ready to start typing. We have to work with the executives around site to coordinate information. This has been super helpful as I now have an excellent understanding of ANSTO’s organisational structure and high-level knowledge of the incredible projects ANSTO runs.

3.00 PM

Sneaky chocolate break!

4.00 PM

I have a catch up with my manager to discuss any goals I would like to achieve and what training I would need to do.

4.30 PM

I have a meeting with one of the Political Advisers to organise our trip to Canberra where I will be meeting our contacts at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and attending a ‘Regional Agency Meeting’. In addition, I will be attending a Canberra Science Diplomats Club with key speaker Australia’s Chief Scientist, Cathy Foley.


5.00 PM

Home time!

5.30 PM

Time to walk the pups. They absolutely love going down to the river and meeting lots of new friends.



6.00 PM

Feed the pups and head out for trivia. More driving tunes.

6.30 PM

Trivia time! My friends and I have dinner and play trivia every Monday night. It is such a good way to start the week.

10.00 PM

Arrived at home. A quick shower and bedtime. One last cuddle of the pups. Zzzzzzz…..