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Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

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Disability Support at Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

As an employee at the ATO, you can join a range of diversity employee networks which bring together employees with shared interests in a safe space.

ATO is committed to providing support through reasonable adjustment options, local assistance through their People Support Teams and Disability Inclusion Officers, and through their active and valued employee network, the National Disability and Ally Network for all their current and future staff.

They continue to support individuals who identify with disability or impairment, through employment, retention, and career development.

National Disability and Ally Network

They have an employee-led diversity National Disability and Ally network and a Neurodiversity network of dedicated ATO employees who have an interest in issues affecting ATO employees with disability or impairment. The network aims to promote a culture that is respectful, supportive and equitable. It also provides forums where employees can support each other through sharing information and experiences.

The Network’s mission is to positively influence the work environment, to ensure professional development of all employees with disability and to assist the ATO in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan.

The ATO is a gold member with the Australian Network on Disability and has been rated as a top three employer in the Australian Network on Disability Access and Inclusion Index.

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