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BAT Australia

  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Cultural & Linguistic Diversity at BAT Australia

Few other companies are as diverse as BAT – diversity is a key element of our ethos at BAT.

We have very diverse customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, and want a diverse workforce to meet their needs. In our head office alone, there are around 80 different nationalities among the hundreds of people who work there. We value this kind of diversity because it encourages innovation, creativity, and different ways of thinking; it creates a fascinating place to work, with opportunities to collaborate with a wide range of people from various countries, cultures and different perspectives.

In November 2020, BAT was recognised as a Financial Times Diversity Leader for a second consecutive year. The prestigious FT Diversity Leaders report recognises the top 850 companies across 16 European countries that have achieved a diverse and inclusive workplace. It assesses key areas including Gender balance; sexual orientation; and a workforce comprised of an ethnic and social mix that reflects wider society.

As we continue our journey to build A Better Tomorrow™, we have set bold, new diversity and inclusion ambitions. By 2025, Globally we aim to:

  • Double the number of cross-industry hires in senior teams to 20%;
  • Increase the number of women in senior teams to 40% and women in management to roles 45%;
  • Achieve a 50% spread of nationalities within regional and functional leadership teams to mirror our consumer base and organisation.

There are currently 139 nationalities represented at the management level across our Group, and we are pleased with the continuous progress we are making and the sustainable pipeline we are building in terms of nationality diversity.