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Amelia van Basten

5.30 AM

My alarm goes off for training. I get dressed, brush my teeth, and head out for a run along the Brisbane River.

 6.30 AM

After my run, I eat breakfast (at least 3 Weetabix) then get ready for my workday and head to the city cat. When I'm working in the office, I catch the city cat to work, however, this changes week-to-week. One week I might be working in Northlake's or the Gold Coast, and the next, I could be catching a flight up to Mackay.

 8.00 AM

I hop off the city cat at Riverside, and it’s a quick walk to the office at 12 Creek Street.

First things first, coffee! I usually grab a coffee with some work friends from one of our favourites, either Campos or Mr Claude.

BDO Amelia van Basten drinking coffee

 8.30 AM

Work starts by checking my emails, calendar and updating my to-do list for the day. Next, I prepare for the engagement team discussion meeting before we head out to the client's office later in the day.

BDO Amelia van Basten checking emails

 9.00 AM

The engagement team discussion starts, all team members are present including the partner, manager, senior members and junior members. The meeting starts by discussing general client matters, including a background of what the client does and how their business operates, key management and key contacts for the client. We also discuss materiality, significant risk areas of the audit and disclosure considerations. 

BDO Amelia van Basten talking with client

 9.30 AM

The audit team heads out to the client, we walk up the road to Ann Street where our client's office is located. to start on the audit file. For this audit engagement, my responsibility is to complete most of the planning phase of the audit, therefore I'm talking with the client's finance team and understanding their systems and processes in place.

BDO Amelia van Basten walking

 12.30 PM

Lunchtime! I usually bring lunch that I've meal prepped over the weekend, or I'll grab some sushi or Zambreros from the food court. I also need a second coffee after lunch.

 1.30 PM

Back to work, I put my music on to concentrate and finalise all the system documentation work I discussed with the client earlier in the day.

BDO Amelia van Basten working

 4.30 PM

Before the day ends our team has a quick catch-up to ensure everyone is on the right track with their work.

 5.00 PM

I pack up and take my laptop home with me. I start my walk to the QUT pool for a quick swim session. I like to train in the afternoons too as it's a great way to get my mind off work for a couple of hours.

 7.00 PM

I'm home and showered after swimming training, I have some dinner and get ready for bed.