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Momentum Diversity Lecture 2023

Explore the world and regulation of facial recognition technology with guest speakers Ed Santow and Chris Edwards

The use of facial recognition technology (FRT) and Assistive Technology are growing globally, as are their capabilities. Many of us will have come across FTR in unlocking a smartphone or computer, at airports, or even in recruitment and hiring. For our panellist Chris, Assistive Technology tools are a part of his every day. But what lies ahead, and is Australia's legal framework keeping pace?

Clayton Utz and guest presenters, Ed Santow (Professor at UTS, Co-Director of the Human Technology Institute and former Human Rights Commissioner) and Chris Edwards (Director Government Relations, Advocacy, NDIS and Aged Care at Vision Australia).explore this fascinating topic. Together we discussed the benefits of facial recognition technology, human rights concerns, and the opportunity for human centred legal reform.