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Lucy Masters

I know it’s going to be a big day, as I’m spending this whole week attending a trial with my team for the first time. I have worked on this matter for my whole grad year.

5.15 AM 

Unfortunately, my first alarm has just gone off. You best believe I snooze that thing three times before actually getting up. Once I manage to scrape myself out of bed, I get dressed into the workout clothes I have laid out for myself the night before – because I’m one of those people – and drive the whole 2 minutes up the road to the gym. 

6.10 AM

I get my first coffee of the day from the one open coffee shop near the gym and make it last for the full hour it takes me to get ready for work. Because I’ve taken my sweet old time, breakfast is a bit of yogurt on the go. My housemate drops me at the light rail stop on her way to work, and I spend the journey scrolling mindlessly on my phone whilst listening to a podcast. 

8.00 AM 

I’ve just walked through the doors of our office building, holding my second coffee of course, and have a quick chat with our concierge. 

For context, I work for the work, health, and safety practice. We do a whole range of work in our area, including incident response, advising and training businesses on their work health and safety duties and obligations, and defending businesses and individuals who have been prosecuted by regulators for alleged breaches of those duties (which are criminal in nature). 

I know it’s going to be a big day, as I’m spending this whole week attending a trial with my team for the first time. I have worked on this matter for my whole grad year. 

8.45 AM 

We head across to the Court for a 10.00 am start and it’s my job (along with one of our wonderful paralegals) to cart the big trolley full of documents. Once we make it, we set up at the bar table. We meet with the client and our barrister and have a quick discussion about the strategy for the day. 

This morning two witnesses are examined by the Prosecutor and then cross-examined by us. I am tasked with taking detailed file notes. Throughout the questioning, my senior pass me notes to check certain evidentiary material along the way. It is such a great opportunity to watch all of our hard work and preparation culminate in Court. 

1.00 PM 

The Judge adjourns for lunch. As we are in trial, and it’s a busy day, we head over to the closest café for a sandwich. We have a discussion with our barrister and client about how the day is progressing, and what to expect for the afternoon. 

1.50 PM 

The court is back in session, and one of the witnesses continues to be cross-examined. During this process, there is some arguing about the admissibility of evidence. It feels like watching everything you learn at uni about the rules of evidence and court process/etiquette come to life. 

4.30 PM 

Court finishes up for the day and it’s a ritual of mine to go for a walk around this time and get some air… and a snack.  So I do that with one of my best friends at work, Jackie.  

I spend the next hour prepping for tomorrow’s day of trial with the team. I then get out my to-do list and catch up on the other matters which I’m currently working on. This includes assisting one of the Partners with preparing for a due diligence presentation to one of our client’s Board of Directors, covering off on their duties as officers and recent legal developments in the area. 

6.30 PM 

I’ve just left the office and headed home on the light rail. Daylight savings isn’t over yet, so I sneak in a walk down to the beach once I get home. 

7.30 PM 

My housemate has made dinner (I know, I’m a lucky gal), so I have a bit of that before I wind down. Once I’ve cleaned the dishes - which is only fair – I commit to a couple of hours of TV. Then, you’ve guessed it, I lay out my gym clothes for the next day before hopping into bed. Ready to do it all again tomorrow!

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