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Goldman Sachs

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What It Does: It delivers multifaceted financial services to a global clientele.

Mission: Goldman Sachs's mission is to forge continuous economic growth and a plethora of financial opportunities fostered by values of excellence, integrity, partnership, and client service. 

Size & Presence:  Around 43,900 in the United States in 23 locations.

Best Known For: Goldman Sachs is one of the most reputable financial institutions that provide a range of financial services across investment banking, securities, and money management to a large multicultural audience. 

The Good Bits: A globally reputable company that functions through a person-by-person approach and provides access to the latest tech and career growth opportunities.

The Not So Good Bits: Upholds extremely close deadlines in a competitive atmosphere that emphasizes consistent improvement.

The Goldman Sachs Story 

Entrepreneurship, bravery, and confidence fueled Marcus Goldman's formation of Goldman Sachs in 1869 after settling in the United States. 

Thanks to a vision to forge continuous economic growth and financial opportunities, Goldman Sachs became one of the proprietary firms to support entrepreneurs with commercial paper financing. 
Over a hundred and fifty years later, Marcus’ vision has been met and consistently exceeded each year. As one of the top financial organizations in the world, Goldman Sachs harnesses the power of human innovation, technologies, and versatility to grow on all fronts and be reckoned with as a global financial force. 

Goldman Sachs employs around 43,900 individuals in the United States and has a global presence in over 200 countries. 

To reiterate the fruit of its vision of embracing innovation, Goldman Sachs received awards for the best fintech partnership and the best use of cloud at the 22nd banking tech awards. 

Culture and Vibes

For over 150 years, Goldman Sachs has had an inclusive culture built brick by brick through teamwork, commitment to client service and community service. 

It builds its environment around support for its workforce forged by a rich history of innovative ideas and an interconnected bridge for all work colleagues. 

Goldman Sachs compliments its rich history of innovative ideas from extraordinary people with a determination and dedication to develop long-term working relationships with a diverse clientele. They extend their culture of teamwork and commitment to the public, making every service they deliver an opportunity to produce life-long partnerships guided by their business principles and standards. 

A position at Goldman Sachs promises a career supported by the brightest minds, industry-leading professionals, top-tier technology, and an inclusive environment where everyone gets a chance to shine. 

The vibe is competitive yet friendly and sophisticated yet supportive offering graduates an opportunity to experience the firsthand feel of a world-leading institution. 

While there have been complaints about the gruelling nature of working at Goldman Sachs, the results they generate and the quality of their employees point to a positive effect. (Potentially change) 

Recruitment Process 

Goldman Sachs thanks to its world-leading position can attract the best graduates despite its competitive recruitment process. Graduates and internship hopefuls in Goldman Sachs are often dialled into the application process long before it begins making competition for positions stiff. 

The recruitment process at Goldman Sachs for graduates and interns starts with a visit to the official career website where open positions with respective requirements are displayed. Each applicant can fill in applications for up to three roles at a time.

After completing and submitting an application depending on graduate or internship status, applicants proceed to the assessment rounds. There are two assessment rounds with the first aptitude one lasting 90-minutes and the second technical session lasting 2 hours 15 minutes. 

Both assessment rounds are reasoning-inclined and conveniently usher applicants into a technical interview. This segment features technical questions related to the applicant’s area of specialization. It involves a direct application of technical knowledge to case studies making it the hardest test. 

After completing the application process, candidates can check their application portal for updates on their offer status. All graduate and internship recruits enjoy various productivity and career development tools. These tools range from skill-based offerings to high-potential leadership programs and roundtable discussions hosted by senior leaders. 

Each recruitment process aims to maintain an efficient workforce inspired to develop not just in their area of specialization but also in leadership and to stir up a willingness to challenge conventional thinking. 

Career Prospects 

Goldman Sachs claims a graduate or internship position is a gateway to a plethora of opportunities. Whether you aim to ascend the corporate ladder or forge a career path on your own, Goldman Sachs ensures an inclusive and sustainable culture of growth. 

Thanks to a specialized Goldman Sachs University (GSU), graduate and internship recruits are exposed to resources that integrate them into digital learning, the work culture, and orientation programs. 

As junior recruits, employees enjoy access to an expansive library and controlled flexibility that helps them tailor learning for their professional and technical skills. Each level at Goldman Sachs opens graduates to more training programs centred around leadership and productivity-oriented work culture. 

The senior employees have access to human management, executive coaching, networking and leadership programs that train them to become the epitome of the brand's growing culture. 

The inclusive nature of career progression in Goldman Sachs means every employee enjoys a classroom-based or digital offering each year. Ranking first amongst the most participative employees are analysts with more than 300,000 training hours in 2016. 


As an entry-level graduate, you can expect more than the average salary range in the United States starting at $120,000 


  • Range of health and wellness programs 
  • Medical and dental support
  • Short-term and long-term disability support 
  • Fitness programs 
  • Provision for business travel accident insurance 
  • Holiday and vacation 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Childcare/family care 
  • On-site child care centres 
  • Parental advice and counselling services 
  • Supportive programs for expectant parents and parents in transition
  • Wealth creation and equity awards 
  • Flexible working 

Social Contributions 

Goldman Sachs prides itself on a long-standing social commitment championed by its social impact bond that combines the latest financial instrument with private financing to support social programs. Thanks to their social impact bond, they intercept social challenges from a financial viewpoint that help them balance private investors and a return of investment with a clever evaluator measure. 

Goldman Sachs has actively contributed to building thousands of small and medium businesses through practical business education delivered by country-wide community colleges. They also work with Community Development Financial Institutions and mission-driven lenders to explore capital presentation for more businesses. 


Following the financial crises in 2007-2008, Goldman Sachs got highlighted as a chief contributor to the financial crisis by misleading investors to help to profit from the mortgage market. While Goldman Sachs denied wrongdoings, it had to pay a settlement fee and present an examination of its business practices. 

While the overall success of Goldman Sachs casts a successful shadow over the darkest time in its history, it was more than an insider's joke at the time. 

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