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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I mainly work in the valuations team and have a range of responsibilities form research to report writing
Graduate, Melbourne
Do the working paper close review notes
Graduate, Sydney
Each day is different, lots of powerpoint decks and excel sheets to clean up.
Graduate, Sydney
Day to day responsibilities can involve working on projects (M&A, valuations, IER's, DD) trying to win work (proposals). These tasks generally involve financial data analysis, report writing and data presentation.
Graduate, Perth
Help out with audit testing on different jobs
Graduate, Melbourne
Busy, challenging but can learn a lot
Graduate, Brisbane
Ad lib task alongside compliance
Graduate, Brisbane
As an associate in Risk Consulting, my role is to perform internal audits on a number of different areas for our clients. My typical day-to-day responsibilities when performing an internal audit review is to review documents, undertake a risk and control matrix, perform client walkthroughs and interviews, and report on potential findings that arise from each review.
Graduate, Sydney
Set up work papers, create samples and vouch
Graduate, Cairns
As an Audit and Assurance associate, day to day operations consist of taking the time to understand the client's business operations, industry and environment. Picking out samples and conducting testing of controls and substantive tests.
Graduate, Adelaide
Graduate, Sydney
As a graduate, my day-to-day responsibilities range from: Meetings with clients, testing key controls, managing an RCM (risk control matrix)
Graduate, Sydney