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Management at Grant Thornton

7.6 rating for Management, based on 22 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Good mentors but could provide better feedback
Graduate, Melbourne
Not very satisfied
It is easy to talk to the management.
Graduate, Sydney
Managers are great mentors and very honest. They are very accessible via teams, and even a call if required. Performance feedback every 6 months, and no shocking comments, all things that have been spoken about before.
Graduate, Sydney
First manager was great but he was stretched across different teams so he wasn't very accessible (and he left for another company). Now I primarily get mentored by a partner in the team which is really good as he has a wealth of experience to share and draw from. Nevertheless I would appreciate a mentor that has the modern "grunt work" experience.
Graduate, Perth
Managers I have met are quite responsive and willing to help out. They are also accessible.
Graduate, Melbourne
They all accessible. Very busy but always make time for others
Graduate, Brisbane
I am satisfied with my managers, both mentor wise and on a day-to-day working basis. The managers I work directly with are usually always in the office, making them easily accessible. I have regular catch ups with my people manager to discuss performance and any guidance / advice. I receive both on-the-job feedback and formal feedback for work which allows me to grow in my role.
Graduate, Sydney
I adore and love my managers. They are very understandings and patient towards my never-ending questions. They have monthly catch up with the associates to give feedbacks and to tackle problems together. They made me feel I'm not alone and there is always a solution despite their busy schedules. They are amazing human beings that deserves more
Graduate, Adelaide
Very satisfied, managers always providing valuable feedback and work.
Graduate, Melbourne
The Managers at GT all bring their own unique style, but they all work. I have received performance feedback on most projects I have done, and always feel like I am contributing.
Graduate, Sydney