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Training & Personal Development at Grant Thornton

7.3 rating for Training, based on 22 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Training is good and have picked up many skills for the job. Have learnt a lot about valuations.
Graduate, Melbourne
There was a formal training before the busy season which is really helpful.
Graduate, Sydney
Kubicle - data analysis Learning exchange - core skills and systems training LinkedIn learning - all aspects
Graduate, Sydney
We have a national monthly training session. Training was primarily on the job when starting, however after passing feedback onto managers about the lack of formal training, they developed an induction pack for new starters, and incorporated a once a week working lunch which has been very useful
Graduate, Perth
Formal training can be ineffective if you don't have much knowledge of accounting. Informal is better because its usually when you ask questions about specific things you are doing.
Graduate, Melbourne
Training is frequent. They do alot of sections on different areas as well as can request new areas also.
Graduate, Brisbane
I think the informal / on the job training is really efficient and effective. In my opinion, if this type of training is provided, there is great opportunities to learn and grow. The formal training programs were really good when we first started in our role, however I think a lot of these training videos weren't as relevant when we first started, and would be relevant to reinforce now at a more advanced level. We have also been provided associate training calls which are helpful.
Graduate, Sydney
As soon as we were hired as a graduate, the managers organised a grad training program which happens every week. It refreshes our memory and also includes technical lessons on how to use the GT Audit system - Voyager and LEAP as well as caseware IDEA, a data-analysis system.
Graduate, Adelaide
Like every onboarding process, it can be slow. However, the majority of training was really relevant and provided a good stepping stone into doing some genuine work.
Graduate, Sydney