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National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

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Indi Amaroo Lowe

Indi studied Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne, and is now an Adviser at National Indigenous Australians Agency.

6.30 AM

Wake up for breakfast and shower before heading into 33-degree heat and 70% humidity. Sunscreen is a must in the Kimberley.

7.30 AM

Head into the Broome office to meet the Regional Manager who will be driving with me. We have a quick chat and go over the trip risk management plan I drafted last week and ensure we have the satellite phone in case of emergency.

8.00 AM

Grab a coffee from a cafe to support the local businesses over the quiet period and then hit the road in the NIAA 4WD to Derby.

9.00 AM

Dodge some very large cows who have strayed on to the Great Northern Highway. We spotted about 20 cows that came alongside the road to get to higher ground and out of the water from recent rain.

9.30 AM

Cross over the Fitzroy River on the single lane Willare Bridge. Unfortunately, no crocs were seen today.

10.00 AM

Visit the Boab Prison Tree, also known as Kunumudj, which is believed to be 1,500 years old and the Myalls Bore, a historic 120m trough and one of the longest cattle troughs in the southern hemisphere.

10.30 AM

Arrive at the West Kimberley town of Derby and visit the Derby Jetty, a horseshoe-shaped Jetty that has the highest tides in the southern hemisphere (up to 12m).

11.00 AM

Arrive at the NIAA Derby office and catch up with the Derby staff over a morning tea. The Regional Manager is briefed on the latest news and work in Derby and Fitzroy Crossing.

11.30 AM

Log on to check emails and catch up on daily tasks. I am currently working on drafting correspondence for Minister of Indigenous Australians. Multiple local Derby residents have written to the Minister concerned with youth crime in the area which has been escalating.

1.00 PM

Break for lunch to visit a locally owned and operated Aboriginal café which we support.

2.00 PM

Take a few phone calls to staff around the Kimberley Region to discuss the outcomes of the deep-dive with the Minister regarding youth crime in the Kimberley.

2.30 PM

Attend a Families & Safety Branch Policy Workshop with staff all over the country to discuss the assessment of Indigenous Advancement Strategy programs that require an assessment before continuing grant funding.

5.00 PM

Check into the Derby Lodge to freshen up for dinner.

6.00 PM

Search for dinner at the local establishments which are closed due to wet season, before finally finding a Japanese restaurant.

7.00 PM

Head back to the hotel to rest up before heading back to work in the morning. Tomorrow I am meeting with a Traditional Owner to discuss how NIAA can support them in starting up their own business.