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Cultural & Linguistic Diversity at William Buck

“Advancing Together” as a diverse and inclusive team is essential to our success as a firm.

We are committed to providing a supportive environment which encourages inclusiveness for all where everyone feels valued. Harnessing diversity across every level of the firm helps us create innovative solutions, achieve great business resolutions for our clients and connect with and understand one another as “One Team”.

In our Melbourne office we have a dedicated and passionate Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG) who hold a membership with the Diversity Council of Australia. DIG is a collective of staff focused on supporting the firm to ensure we acknowledge, support, celebrate, care, and provide a sense of inclusion and belonging for our people, irrespective of beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or physical ability.

The DIG plays a big role in acknowledging and celebrating culturally significant days and events. We asked our staff what was important to them, and we committed to hosting events, activities and sharing knowledge on a wide spectrum of celebrations which include (but not limited to) the following: Mid-Autumn Festival, Diwali, Lunar New Year, St Patrick’s Day, Easter (Catholic and Orthodox), ANZAC Day, Eid Mucarak, and Ferragosto. 

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022:

Diwali 2023:

Many of William Buck’s team members celebrate Diwali. 

Also known as Deepavali, Diwali is a festival that signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good and evil. The word ‘Diwali’ itself means row of lights, and during the celebration, homes, offices, and public places are illuminated with oil lamps, candles and colourful lights. Diwali is also a time for families and friends to come together and share delicious meals, exchange gifts, and participate in prayers and religious rituals.

Our South Australia and Victoria offices held a morning tea to celebrate and hear from staff about the traditions associated with the festival and what it means to them and their families.