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Clarice Goh

5.30 AM
Since working in a FIFO site role last year which sees me waking up at 5.00 am the latest, I’ve decided to keep the same routine for my weekdays. However, just like many people, I have multiple alarms set on my phone between 5.30 am – 5.45 am. Naturally, I always jolt awake just before the 5.45 am alarm and get out of bed and start getting ready for the day. While I’m brushing my teeth, I look at the weather forecast and think about my agenda for the day and what to wear. Worley has a fairly relaxed dress code for an engineering firm.

6.20 AM

I packed my breakfast, get my lunch out of the fridge which I have nicely packed the night before and get ready to head to the bus stop. Being early means avoiding the peak hour commute and usually get a seat on the bus. I use this time to catch up on my social media, the news and sometimes just listen to some of my favourite music or podcasts. 

7.00 AM 

I arrive at work and I’m usually the second one from my team to be in the office. I will usually have a casual chat with my manager while I wait for my computer to boot up. I usually spend 30 minutes catching up on my emails, and flag emails that I might need action. I like to use this time to get any admin work out such as preparing a transmittal request to our document control team to issue any documents, or fill-out a document number or tag number request form. 

Worley Graduate - Young female professional holding a book.

7:30 AM

Being at Worley means you don’t just work on one single project at a given time. To manage my workload across the multiple projects I’m working on, I make a list of priorities every day by checking the deliverable lists of projects to ensure that I haven’t missed anything that might be scheduled critical.

8:00 AM 

Again, Worley has flexible working hours, so while some of us prefer to start early, other people arrive between 7.30 am and 8.30 am. At 8.00 am, the grads usually head to the coffee shop across the road to get our coffee fix. Definitely one of the best coffees – we go there at least four out of five days per week!

Worley Graduate - Young female professional having coffee with fellow graduates.

8:15 AM 

My day can range from report writing, technical calculations, marking-up drawings or process modelling. Currently, I’m working on a few brownfield projects for one of Australia’s leading natural gas producers.  

As a process engineer, we do deliver a range of deliverables for projects. These include Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&IDs). Currently, the drafting of these P&IDs is done by the Global Integrated Delivery team in our Mumbai office. Mumbai is four and a half hours behind Brisbane, so I usually get a few emails at 8.00 pm or 9.00 pm the day before to let me know the P&IDs have been drafted and are now ready for checking. I will make sure I checked these for any errors, spelling mistakes, incorrect symbols or confirm with the mechanical engineers regarding the sizes of any fittings before our noontime to make sure the process designers can address these when they get in.  

Worley Graduate - Young female professional sitting with her colleague.

10.00 AM

I start working on a technical query to the client to seek for their decision to not have an additional risk assessment workshop. This involves providing sufficient background and justification, as well as a calculation to verify that the design will remain within the safe operating envelope. 

11.00 AM 

Time for a weekly progress meeting with engineers from other disciplines and relevant stakeholders from the client side. We start every meeting with a learning (safety) moment before reviewing the minutes from last week’s meeting to ensure outstanding actions have been closed out. These meetings are a great way to get exposure to the work that other disciplines do, such as the environmental engineer exploring innovative ways to re-use waste products. 

Worley Graduate - Young female professional working with her colleagues.

12.00 PM
Lunchtime! It’s usually really busy in the kitchen area. However, this provides an opportunity for me to talk to other colleagues who I might not have too much interaction with in terms of the project and get to learn what they are doing or anything exciting happening in their lives!  

1.00 PM

The process designers in Mumbai just started their workday, checking their emails and any comments I have provided. I get a Skype call from one of the process designers who want to clarify a few things before he backdrafts the P&ID and prepares a signed copy for review and approval. Being in Queensland means professional engineering services for projects in Queensland are required to be supervised by RPEQ certified engineers. Hence, the sign off process is crucial and my manager reviews and sign-offs these deliverables.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional sitting on her desk.

2.00 PM 

The next on my to-do list is to check calculations I did for a different client – a leading global metals & mining company with multiple assets across Australia. One of the benefits of working at Worley is the opportunity to work across multiple industry sectors.

Worley Graduate - Young female professional typing on her laptop.

4.00 PM
It’s time to switch it up a little! Lately, I have been given the opportunity to scribe for HAZID and HAZOPs workshop which are an essential part of safety in design for projects associated with modifying existing facilities. As a scribe, I am responsible for preparing the worksheets to include essential information such as the HAZOP nodes, process conditions and guidewords. 

5.00 PM 

After a productive day, I turn off my computer and catch the bus home. 

6.00 PM 

I arrived home and I do a 30-minute work-out just before my partner gets home. 

6.30 PM

Time to get the dinner ready. We still have another HelloFresh meal kit in the fridge and decide to cook that. We have our dinner, do the dishes, watch tv and rest. I reflect on another productive day and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead tomorrow.