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Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

  • #5 in Government & public service
  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Embracing a diverse and inclusive ATO

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

As a grad, you’ll join 20,000 employees representing diversity in all forms — gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, abilities and more.

We’re active in fostering a safe and inclusive environment that values differences and enables everyone to perform at their best. This often means accommodating everyone’s individual needs such as: 

  • providing screen readers and supportive software for employees with disability
  • modifying duties and performance expectations
  • recognising the importance of religion by providing prayer rooms and breaks for prayer time
  • Indigenous programs such as the Evergreen program to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with opportunities to gain experience and a permanent position at the end of the program
  • providing support for employees undergoing gender affirmation.

Working in a diverse team, you’ll share different perspectives, learn from one another, innovate and problem solve. Our diversity also, allows us to accurately represent and deliver an exemplary service to the community.

While we have goals for the future, this is not the beginning of our endeavour. Our strategies and achievements within the workplace extend back to 2015, when we launched our first Diversity & Inclusion Plan. Since we began, we have: 

  • won 7 annual awards, including 4 Gold level status awards in the Australian Workplace Equality Index, and an Australian Human Resources LGBTIQ Inclusion Award
  • been rated as a top 3 employer in the Australian Network on Disability Access and Inclusion Index
  • increased female representation in senior leadership and executive roles to approximately 50% as of 2019 and retained that level.

While we’re proud of our achievements, our most valuable recognition comes from our employees themselves. Our 2022 grads gave us a 9 out of 10 for diversity. Here’s what they had to say:

“The ATO is a very diverse workplace. “It is something I value highly.” 

 Joanne, an active member of our ATO Making Inclusion Count employee network (ATOMIC) and a former grad explains why her work in ATOMIC is important to her. 

“I was immediately made aware of ATOMIC(one of many diversity networks at ATO), right from the outset of my tenure. It gave me a safe space where I could be open about my identity.  Everyone should be free to bring their whole self to work. Be that their sexual orientation, their gender identity or any other ‘thing’ that makes them unique.”  If diversity in the workforce matters to you, join like-minded people at the ATO who proudly represent the full diversity of the Australian public. To find out more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion please see ATO 2020-24 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.