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Job Satisfaction at Optiver

8.9 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 15 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Mix of research project work, monitoring KPIs, reviewing and collaborating with others and more adhoc investigations
Graduate, Sydney
Lots of pressure and difficult to add value. The problems we work on are very interesting.
Graduate, Sydney
During a typical day, I have discussions with my mentor about my progress, or anything I find difficult or confusing. I spend a lot of it problem-solving independently, and have been given a lot of freedom to create solutions.
Graduate, Sydney
Software development on one main project and a few side ones, operational work in case of incidents.
Graduate, Sydney
Making money for the company by trading a variety of Asian indices. Managing the overall book during the night session
Graduate, Amsterdam
Lots of responsibility early on
Midlevel, Sydney
self driven project work and BAU
Graduate, Sydney
I am able to see immediate results from my work and in general am in an environment promoting productivity.
Graduate, Sydney
My role isn't as involved with the trading stack as some of the other teams, however the problems that I'm faced with still require good design principles, which are constantly engaging
Graduate, Sydney
Working with traders to improve the behaviour of auto traders. Very interesting and rewarding. Given a lot of project ownership.
Graduate, Sydney
Due to the emphasis on business acumen, employees know about the business impact of what they work on, and why it matters. As a software dev, I work on maintaining and developing software solutions to solve business/compliance problems.
Graduate, Sydney