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Management at Optiver

8.4 rating for Management, based on 13 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Good feedback culture and regular catchups
Graduate, Sydney - 23 Aug 2022
Managers are very accessible at all levels. There's a strong feedback culture and you will get regular feedback from your manager both adhoc and in formal reviews.
Midlevel, Sydney - 23 Aug 2022
The flat hierarchy makes it easy to talk to managers and higher-ups. Praise is hard to come by, and harsh criticism is abound. The feeling of being constantly evaluated makes for an unusual relationship with managers.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
I sit and work with my mentor and manager every day. This lets me ask them questions whenever I want. They are extremely knowledgeable about the business. I also have regular one-on-one sessions with both people, where I can talk about any problems I had during the week. This is also a time for us to provide each other with constructive feedback.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
My direct manager is fantastic, very easy to talk to and I am confident they have my back. Praise and feedback is a regular (at the longest once per week) occurrence. Easy to get in contact if I need help.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Very satisfied
Graduate, Amsterdam - 01 Jan 1970
Usually fine, can be confusing
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
My manager is another developer, so they are great for communication, expectations etc.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
The regular catchups that my mentors provide give me a clear path for recognition and growth
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Managers are nice and understanding. Regular feedback is provided, but they are often short on time.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
My manager is awesome, great communication and helps me improve myself.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970