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Sustainability at Optiver

7.9 rating for Sustainability, based on 14 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
Various sustainability programs. Both external (e.g. funding forests and habitat reconstruction) and internal (e.g. rainwater use, recycling programs and waste minimization efforts).
Midlevel, Sydney - 23 Aug 2022
I don't think we have much of an environmental footprint besides power usage.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Some donations to carbon offsets, planting trees, but nothing direct as far as I am aware.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
The company has a number of initiatives in this area, including hiring green cleaning and cooking companies and ensuring the building is highly environmentally rated.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Owns beehives, donates unused food, has a charity that donates to various environmental organisations, is carbon neutral
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Use of recyclables, vegetarian/vegan food options.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970
Colour coded bins on every floor so we use the right recycling bins.
Graduate, Sydney - 01 Jan 1970