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Yasmine Gill

5.55 AM

First alarm call goes off and I try to compute what the day ahead holds for me, where I need to be and by when. Snooze is inevitably hit about 4 times before I get out of bed at around 6.20 AM to start the rush of getting ready for work.

6.45 AM

I'm out of the house and on my way to work. It’s an early start as I usually study an hour in preparation of CA and find mornings work best. Flexibility is more than just a policy here, it’s a strong part of our culture. I really like how people have the freedom to pursue priorities and flex their hours based on their circumstances. Personally I prefer to study before starting work and so it’s wonderful to be able to do what I need to, at my own pace. The roads are clear at this time of the morning and it's a quick 20-minute car drive to work. I should be catching the tram but I've spoilt myself for too long and somehow assume I’ve a legitimate reason to drive every day.

7.10 AM

I've arrived at work. There is just one level in the Adelaide office, Level 12, and at this hour of the morning the open-plan floor is extremely quiet - there are only ever a few faces around. I head to a meeting room at the back of the office to focus on CA study for an hour before it starts to get busy.

8.15 AM

I’m ready for work! Stepping out of the meeting room, the floor is now alive and desks are starting to fill. I’ve a fairly busy day ahead so I decide to sit in one of the dedicated office spaces called ‘High Focus’ area. I generally switch between High Focus and Medium Focus depending on who I’m working with and what I need to do during the day. Once I've found a desk, I head downstairs to grab a coffee before coming back upstairs, setting up my laptop and desk and starting my day.

Yasmine Gill

8.30 AM

I go through my emails and action anything that was sent overnight / yesterday that haven't already actioned. A calendar invitation pops up for a meeting I have in 10 minutes with a colleague who is based in Sydney. It's a 'catch up' meeting to discuss the status of a current national project we are working on together. As I'm sitting in High Focus, I look for a small meeting room to sit in so that I'm not distracting anybody else in the high focus area. 

9.30 AM

I resume work on the same national project. It is quite large and a number of our people are working on this across Australia, focussing on different aspects depending on the individual skill sets. It's a really interesting project - the premise is to help develop a model of an elders village for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a remote community. We’re still in the research phase so I am required to deep dive into gaining a better understanding of current established models and available funding.  

12.00 PM

It’s lunchtime. I instant message a few people from around the office to see whether they have brought their lunch with them today or whether they need to head outside to buy something. We head out to the markets to get a salad from one of our 'usual’ places. We get back to the kitchen and sit down with a group from different business lines for lunch. 

1.30 PM

After getting back to my desk and going through my emails, I start to prepare for a Brisbane-based project I’m working on currently. It requires considerable travel throughout Queensland over an upcoming 3 weeks period. I’m travelling with a Manager from the Brisbane office and as I’m in charge of the travel logistics I put together a list of flights, accommodation and car hire bookings that I send through to our travel team to book on our behalf. I also read through various documents to prepare for our consultations that are beginning next week. We will consult with and visit 7 communities around Queensland over a 3 week period. I’m really looking forward to engaging directly with the community on important issues and help make impactful changes.

3.30 PM

For the last six years, I worked predominantly within the Private Clients sector, assisting small to medium-sized businesses and high net wealth individuals with their tax and accounting, helping them to grow their business. Recently however I moved to PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC), which has been an exciting opportunity for me to learn new skills and engage directly with community organisations to help drive social change.

I now have a meeting with a colleague from the team I recently moved out of, Private Clients, to set up a job I worked on previously. It is an annual compliance job, meaning we complete this work yearly for the client. In our meeting, I highlight any particularly difficult areas that we encountered last year and discuss the next steps to be able to successfully deliver on outcomes in the current year. 

4.30 PM

I come back to my desk, finish what I was doing before my meeting, catch up with my manager about the current status of work, go through some emails again and check what I have on for tomorrow. 

Yasmine Gill

6.00 PM

I decide to pack up, the work is still going to be there in the morning after all! I don't have anything on after work so I decided to head home and walk to the beach to enjoy some time outdoors in the beautiful weather.

8.00 PM

I cook dinner, do a few things around the house and start getting ready for my day tomorrow.