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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders at PwC Australia

PwC aspires to be an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Our Reconciliation network is focused on engaging and deepening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through activities such as volunteering, building cultural awareness and capacity building engagements.

“As a First Nations Person, I'm committed and passionate about progress towards Reconciliation in our organisations and communities, and feel privileged to be able to do this at PwC. I’m grateful to work with allies who lead with empathy and curiosity on how they can help to build an equitable society for First Nations people.”

It has been three years since we launched our joint Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) between PwC and PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC), and we’re excited to share our progress with you

Firmwide policies that support Reconciliation:

  • Our First Nations Cultural Leave is designed to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ right to maintain and strengthen their connection to community and to enable time to connect with their community to maintain and develop their culture.
  • We launched our additional cultural awareness training module and had 76% of our staff complete it.
  • We have hired two new First Nations team members to lead our joint PwC and PIC First Nations employment and retention strategy.
  • PIC, Revolent Group and Salesforce, have established an Indigenous Tech Academy, which aims to increase the representation of First Nations people in the technology industry. 
  • We are working with the Narrunga Nations and Point Pearce communities to conduct a project feasibility for the building of an elder village on country.

PwC Australia and PwC's Indigenous Consulting (PIC) aim to be an employer of choice for First Nations people, who are supported to build careers and are empowered to follow their chosen pathway. Our First Nations Career Strategy is brand defining and is First Nations led with First Nations people at the heart.