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Ifra Zubairi

6.30 AM

Not being a morning person, I usually don’t make it out of bed till 6:45 on my good days.

7.45 AM

I’m usually ready before 8:00 and will make a breakfast smoothie whilst scrolling my socials and planning my day ahead. I like having the TV playing in the background to update me on the weather and current affairs. 

8.15 AM

I’m currently based at Merrylands, so the drive is a quick 15 minutes but when I’m working from Stockland head office I catch the train in. Kiss FM provides the laughs for when I’m driving into work and I either go through my personal emails or enjoy scrolling through ArchDaily or Tik Tok on the train.

At Desk Ifra Zubairi

8.30 AM

Corporate life has made me fall in love with the idea that the morning doesn’t start until you have a coffee, like half of Stockland’s employees I’m a regular at Secolo. As I enjoy my flat white I’ll write up a list of tasks that need to be completed for the day ensuring I have enough time set aside before starting anything new.

9.00 AM

Because of the unprecedented environment, we’re currently in due to COVID-19 our asset team has been split into Team A and B. We have one team working from the centre and the other working from home. Our team meetings give us the opportunity to update each other on what’s happened in the centre and if there is anything that needs to be actioned that day. 

10.00 AM

Centre walks with my team are a great way to understand what is happening in the centre. We look out for how things are presented, flag anything that might need to be repaired and interact with our retailers. Our daily walks are a great way to interact with our retailers and grow that relationship between a tenant and a landlord. As a Retail Manager, I try to be on the floor 40% of the time to understand retailer needs and to look into opportunities to improve the centre.

Stockland Graduate Ifra Zubairi retailer

11.00 AM

My day is largely made up of meetings with tenants either current or future looking at storage agreements, abatements or any issues they may be experiencing in their tenancy. I collaborate across Operations, Leasing, Marketing, Tenancy & Delivery and Legal to ensure we drive the best outcomes for our tenants and our business. 
In my role, I work closely with the Centre Manager and some of my primary responsibilities are sales forecasting, centre traffic, COVD-19 abatements and any new initiatives that might be starting. The way I see it, most of what I do day-to-day is very people focussed, so traits like empathy, patience and a smile go a long way.

12.30 PM

By this time someone in the office would have asked “what are you having for lunch?” and 15 minutes will be spent going through the same options on repeat. Sometimes we will order in El Jannah and those days are definitely my favourite, the garlic sauce from there holds a very special place in my heart. On days I’m at head office I’ll make sure to grab lunch with my fellow graduates who have become some of my closest friends.


3.00 PM

I’ll do another centre walk to check the progress of store fit-outs, follow up any tenant queries and again understand first-hand how the centre is going that day. This is also a great time to work on projects I’m working on in the centre, like organising a design competition to revamp our entry area. My role is honestly what I make it out to be and never limited to a setlist.

Stockland Graduate Ifra Zubairi dog

5.30 PM

I wrap up the day by finalising reports and running through my daily checklist to make sure there isn’t anything left pending. I’m currently doing my Masters, so I’ll either head in for my evening classes or straight to the gym. 

8.00 PM

My friends and family are a huge part of my life, so after Uni/gym, I’ll either grab dinner with friends or hang out with my brothers.

10.30 PM

If it’s a work night I try to get home before 11:00 pm to try and get in some solid hours of sleep but most days that is a dream. If I have assignments due, I’ll work on those for a bit and wrap up my night by reading at least 20 pages from whatever book I’m on. I’ll be lying if I said I’m asleep before 12 but it is definitely something I’m striving towards.